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Majors 7 Programs

Bachelor of Arts

On Campus
On Campus
Investigate the natural processes and life cycles of plants and animals. Explore the world through its complex systems and see how all life is connected. Take the first steps toward a career in education, public and community health, science writing, and more.
On Campus
On Campus
Gain a scientific understanding of nature, ecology, and biological diversity. Work alongside experts in climate change and urban ecology to address critical environmental problems.
On Campus
On Campus
Discover a multidisciplinary approach to addressing environmental problems. Understand human effects on the environment by studying not only the sciences, but also philosophy, history, politics, and culture.
Create a personalized plan of study based on your specific interests and chosen professional path. You can choose from areas of focus that prepare you for the job you want, including developmental psychology, human services, business management, and more. Through your chosen coursework, you’ll learn skills that make sense for where you want your career to take you.
Earn your Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) in liberal studies with a completely customizable area of study. This is a perfect opportunity to design a program of coursework that is specific to your background or individual goals.
On Campus
On Campus
Examine real-world problems with an analytical eye and take action. Use math as a lens to examine global issues. Participate in important research with expert faculty. Gain skills for careers in computer science, data management, education, and more.

Bachelor of Science

On Campus
On Campus
Channel your curiosity about living into a career focused on healthcare and research. Graduate with the skills needed to continue onto medical, dental, or veterinary school, and a range of science-related professions.

Minors 8 Programs


Explore topics in anatomy, animal behavior, botany, marine biology, and more. You’ll study in the classroom and also get hands-on lab experience.
Learn the foundations of behavior and cognition. This minor is ideal if you have an interest in the mind-body relationship or plan to pursue a career in neuroscience or a related field.
Explore geology, meteorology, hydrology, climate issues, oceanography, and/or astronomy. You’ll choose more focused study in areas that interest you, with many field-based options available.
Research and take lab-based courses in areas of biology, chemistry, earth science, and/or health. Your studies will focus particularly on the complex relationship between people and the environment.
Explore environmental issues from a broad perspective of human-environment interactions. You’ll also learn about environmental policy and activism.
Learn the biological aspects of health through courses in genetics, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, infectious diseases, epidemiology, and alternative medicine.
Develop your ability to apply mathematics and quantitative thinking when analyzing problems, making decisions, predicting outcomes, and verifying results. You’ll take core classes in statistics and calculus, and choose from a variety of electives.