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Majors 10 Programs

Bachelor of Science

On Campus
On Campus
Grow as an artist and help others use their own creativity as a path to wellness. Our art therapy bachelor's degree program gives you the tools to improve people's abilities to cope, heal, understand, and relate to others.
On Campus
On Campus
Develop the listening and people skills to counsel others. Build your understanding of human development, psychology, and relationships. Gain the confidence to work with children and adults in schools, communities, and social service agencies.
On Campus
On Campus
Discover how to engage people in creative processes that can free them from mental and emotional problems. Gain an understanding of the professional skills needed to guide others toward health and healing.

Bachelor of Arts

Gain an understanding of how mind, body, and spirit are related. Use this knowledge to help people find relief, balance, and calm. Study alternative healing practices from around the world.
Create a personalized plan of study based on your specific interests and chosen professional path. You can choose from areas of focus that prepare you for the job you want, including developmental psychology, human services, business management, and more. Through your chosen coursework, you’ll learn skills that make sense for where you want your career to take you.
Earn your Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) in liberal studies with a completely customizable area of study. This is a perfect opportunity to design a program of coursework that is specific to your background or individual goals.
On Campus
On Campus
Investigate how the brain works and learn about mental processes. Study the biological factors that cause people to act in certain ways. And gain an understanding of human growth and development.
Take courses at the Bunker Hill Community College campus and earn your bachelor’s degree in psychology through Lesley University. To be eligible, you must have completed your associate’s degree.
You’ll gain a thorough understanding of psychological theories and approaches in Lesley University’s online BA in Psychology.

Bachelor of Social Work

On Campus
On Campus
There are countless ways to use a social work degree to help put individuals, families, and entire communities on the path to living happy, productive, and meaningful lives. Let Lesley help find the one meant for you.

Minors 6 Programs


Discover how to use art techniques, like painting, drawing, and sculpture, when working with adults and children. You’ll learn how to help those who are unable to express their thoughts with words or prefer to use art to express their experiences.
Learn the foundations of behavior and cognition. This minor is ideal if you have an interest in the mind-body relationship or plan to pursue a career in neuroscience or a related field.
Learn the ways that psychology can be incorporated with the arts—in theory and practice—through music, visual arts, dance, drama, and creative writing.
Learn theory and techniques for helping individuals, families, and communities. You’ll have the opportunity to work with children, adolescents, or adults in a variety of human service settings.
Explore the science of human behavior and mental processes, and how psychology is applied in therapeutic and research settings. You’ll learn about individual development, cognition and memory, personality, and more.
Explore the history, foundations, and approaches to helping in the field of social work within a multicultural society. You’ll develop the skillset needed to make a difference on an individual, community, and global level.

Certificates 2 Programs


Learn about common intervention strategies for children and families in transition. You’ll also get first-hand experience with internships in local social service agencies.
Learn about the integration of mind, body, and spirit through various healing practices. You’ll explore holistic approaches, including mindfulness, yoga, and expressive therapies.