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Bicycle Registration Policy

Lesley University requires the registration of all bicycles on campus. Registration is free, and lasts for 4 years.

For information about bike racks and bike parking, see Bike Services.

  • Purpose
    1. Deter crime
    2. Aid in the identification of lost or stolen bicycles
    3. Provide the owner’s contact information in the event of a problem with the bike
    4. Enable planning for improved bicycle parking and safety around campus
  • Registration Process
    1. Download the free Rejjee App.

    2. Create an account.

    3. Add your bicycle and other valuables to your Rejjee account, including photos and serial numbers.

    4. Press save to log your belongings in the app.

      Once an item is registered, it joins a secure list of possessions that quickly can be reported as stolen, lost, damaged, etc. if need be.  The app notifies local police to be on the lookout for stolen item(s) and sends the list to an insurance company, as relevant.
  • Lost or Stolen Bikes

    If your bicycle has been lost, report it to Public Safety. If your bicycle has been stolen, notify Public Safety AND the Cambridge Police Department (non-emergency phone: 617.349.3300) right away. Always lock your bike properly when leaving it. Check it routinely even if you don’t ride every day.

  • Bike Registration and Operation Rules
    1. Registration stickers are not transferrable.

      A new bicycle requires a new registration. The purchase of an already-registered bike also requires re-registration under the new owner’s name.

    2. Safety: It is unlawful to operate a bike in a manner that jeopardizes pedestrian safety or property.

    3. Parking: You may only leave your bicycle in designated bike racks. Bicycles found locked to bushes, trees, or any campus structures (i.e. light posts, stair railings, etc.) will be tagged with a warning. The owner has 48 hours to remove the bike.

      If your bike is locked to an object related to life/safety or ADA (handicapped parking signs), the lock will be immediately cut and the bike will be impounded. The fee for recovery of an impounded bicycle is $20. The university will not reimburse you for a new or replacement lock if we have to cut your lock.

    4. Abandoned bikes: Bicycles that remain stored for longer than 90 days or 30 days at the end of the spring semester will be considered university property.
Contact Public Safety