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Find out where to park and how to obtain the necessary permits.

Parking Lots

Parking lots are clustered around Doble, Porter and South campuses.  Find the one nearest you.

Parking Permits

If you are an employee, student or visitor, purchase a Lesley parking permit in order to park on campus via the Permit Store. You'll be asked for your mailing address, vehicle make, year, license number, permit type, and payment information.

Parking permits are granted on the condition that the university is not responsible for any damage that occurs to a vehicle while parked on Lesley property.  Please note that purchasing a permit does not guarantee a parking spot.

Choose a category below for more details:

  • Employee

    Currently, we are charging a flat parking rate per semester of $265 for full and part-time employees and $125 for adjuncts.  Parking permits are issued on a first come, first serve basis and are valid in all university lots.

    To purchase a parking permit, please visit the online permit store.  You will need your Colleague number to sign in (available in LOIS self-serve).  Employees may pay directly on the site or through payroll deduction, which is on a pretax basis. 

    Permit stickers will be mailed to you and a grace period is in effect at the beginning of the semester, until your sticker arrives.  While you wait for it, please print a copy of your receipt and display it on your vehicle's dashboard. 

    Detailed instructions are found on our support site.

  • Student

    200 semester permit stickers are available for commuter students at the cost of $100 on a first come, first serve basis.  Permits are valid in all university parking lots. 

    To purchase a semester parking permit, go to the Permit Store and sign in with your Colleague number (available in LOIS self-service).  For detailed instructions regarding online payment, see the following instruction sheet

    Permit stickers will be mailed to you and a grace period is in effect at the beginning of the semester, until your sticker arrives.  While you wait for it, please print a copy of your receipt and display it on your vehicle's dashboard. 

    Permit holders will have card access to all gated parking lots and will use their Lesley ID card to enter.

    There is no resident student parking on campus.

  • Visitor

    Fifty weekday permits are available for visitors to park on our Doble and South Campuses for only $11 per day.  There is no weekend limit; but, a maximum of five permits may be purchased at one time.

    The visitor parking fee is waived for parents of Lesley students for three days each semester. However, parents must still register their vehicle with Public Safety and obtain a free parking permit.

    Parking pass purchases are non-refundable.

    Where to Get a Visitor Pass

    Permits can be obtained directly from the Public Safety Office located on the Doble Campus at 34 Mellen Street.

  • Service/Construction/Vendor

    A limited number of parking permits are available to Lesley vendors. All service constructions and vendor vehicles must obtain a permit to park in or use any on-campus parking.

    All vendors with marked vehicles making deliveries may use the appropriate loading zone at each location. Vendors are limited to 20 minutes in any loading zone. All vendors and vendor employees are subject to the Lesley parking regulations. Vendors are responsible for designating which vehicles are authorized to park.

    To register and purchase vendor permits, contact Bill Eve, assistant director of Campus Safety and Services at

  • Day Permits

    Day permits may be purchased for $11 per day at the Doble Campus on a first come, first serve basis.  Fifty day permits are available per weekday (no limits on weekends) and you may purchase up to 5 days' worth at a time.  Day permits are valid at all Doble and South Campus lots and at Lot R on the Porter Campus.

  • MBTA Parking Reimbursement

    If you choose to park and ride at the Alewife or Quincy Adams stations, you can benefit from our monthly reimbursement program. You must provide valid receipts or a photocopy of parking stubs, including the date stamp, from the parking garage.

    You will also need to fill out the MBTA Parking Reimbursement Form (PDF) and mail it, along with your receipt(s), to:

    Lesley University
    Attn: Accounts Payable
    29 Everett Street
    Cambridge, MA 02138

    Our Accounts Payable Office will prepare a single monthly reimbursement check, which will be mailed to the name and address listed on the reimbursement form. Receipts received on or before the last day of a given month will be reimbursed in the following month.

    Please note the following conditions to this benefit:

    • Overnight and holiday parking is not covered by the MBTA reimbursement program and will not be paid
    • Reimbursements must be submitted within 30 days or will not be paid

Parking Rates at University Hall

Lesley employees and students parking at University Hall enjoy discounted parking.  However, to avoid paying general public rates, a Lesley ID will be needed upon entry and exit to obtain the following lower rates:

  • Up to 1 hr = $3
  • 1-2 hrs = $6
  • 3-4 hrs = $12
  • 4-8 hrs = $25
  • 8+ hrs = $35

Regulations, Citations and Appeals

Parking at Lesley University is subject to permit regulations. Our Public Safety officers are empowered to enforce parking regulations and issue citations. 

*Prices subject to change without notice.
**Parking permits are non-refundable unless you separate from Lesley University.