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Prohibition of Weapons Policy

Possession of any weapon is prohibited on university property or at university-sponsored events. This prohibition applies to students, employees, and visitors to the university, including those conducting business on university property.


  • Definitions

    For the purposes of this policy, the following non-exhaustive definitions apply:


    • Any device used for, or which has the appearance of being used for, shooting bullets, pellets, arrows, flares, or other projectiles, whether loaded or unloaded.
    • Examples include: rifles, shotguns, handguns, air guns, paint guns, dart guns, stun guns, Tasers, flare guns, recurve and compound bows, and crossbows.
    • Explosive devices, including firecrackers or black powder.
    • Any device designed or traditionally used to cause harm, including knives and other bladed devices, staves, and nun-chucks.
    • All toy guns and other simulated weapons are covered by this policy.
    • Mace, pepper spray, and similar materials.

    University Property

    Any real property owned or leased by the university, including without limitation the Doble Campus, Porter Campus, and South Campus, and off-campus sites used by the university.
    Any university-owned or university-leased vehicle.

    University Event

    Any event sponsored in whole or in part by Lesley University, whether on or off Lesley University property, including without limitation class field trips and athletic competitions.


    Keeping or storing any of the proscribed items on one’s person, in one’s dorm room or office, or anywhere else on Lesley property, including in one’s vehicle if the vehicle is parked on university property.

  • Exemptions

    Local and federal law enforcement, and the Department of Public Safety, are exempted from this policy if carrying weapons in the capacity of their duties as law enforcement officials.

    All visitors must obtain prior written approval, from the Lesley University Department of Public Safety, to carry weapons. Such approval shall be at the complete and total discretion of the University.

    Pocket knives, i.e. Swiss Army knives, are permitted.

  • Reporting

    Anyone who sees or otherwise becomes aware of a violation of this policy is required to contact the Lesley University Department of Public Safety.

  • Violations
    • Students found in possession of prohibited weapons may face any disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from Lesley University.

    • Employees found in possession of prohibited weapons may face any disciplinary action up to and including termination.

    • Visitors found in possession of prohibited weapons will be required to leave the university property or event, and may be prohibited from entering university property or attending future university events.

Contact Public Safety