Be immersed in different cultures, visit historic and natural sites, and well, travel anywhere on the map. All while earning credit toward your degree. That’s the power of study abroad at Lesley.

Undergraduate Opportunities

Spend a year or semester abroad, participate in a short-term travel course, or pursue an internship. Want a fully immersive study abroad experience? Become an exchange student for a semester or a year through Lesley’s partnerships with universities in Asia and Europe.

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Lesley University Amanda Fata is blogging her study abroad experience in Granada
Student Story
Amanda Fata ’18
Amanda is a culture and language enthusiast who studied abroad two times during her undergraduate studies at Lesley: first in Tanzania, and then in Granada, Spain. "I’ve had an incredible experience in both Tanzania and Spain," reflects Amanda. "They’re both unique and beautiful countries and I’m extremely grateful I was able to live, study, volunteer, and eat in both. It is fascinating to be able to compare different cultures and it also makes me thankful for my life in the U.S."
Jessica Visconti in Florence
Student Story
Jess Visconti ’16
While in Florence, expressive arts therapy major Jess Visconti gained valuable life and professional experience through her placement as a volunteer teacher for an arts center. “Creating art and playing games while having a language barrier was challenging, but taught me many skills for the future,” she says.
What You Could Do
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Graduate Opportunities

Build international study into your graduate degree program, by engaging in community fieldwork in Haiti or the Dominican Republic, participating in creative writing residencies in Europe, or designing independent research outside the United States. Become a member of a community of global scholars.

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creative writing student in class
Write in Wales

Pursue study abroad at the Dylan Thomas International Summer School in Wales through our MFA in Creative Writing Program.

Intern Abroad

Complete an internship as far away as New Zealand through our International Higher Education and Intercultural Relations program.

"If you're thinking about study abroad, get a passport and go. It will be an eye-opening, educational experience."
Laura Slor ’15, Business Management & Global Studies
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