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Continuing your education at the graduate level is an investment of time and resources. You want to make sure to find the best program for your professional goals.

That’s where a graduate admissions counselor can help.

At Lesley, you can pursue teacher education, counseling, the arts, and mindfulness, among other fields. You’ll find more than 65 master’s degree, PhD, and certificate programs taught on campus in Cambridge, in a residency format, or at locations off campus. We have another 15+ online programs.

As you navigate your wide range of choices, feel free to reach out and ask us anything at all.

Have questions about your graduate application, deadlines, and program start times? We can help with those questions, too.

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Barbara Selmo, Assistant Vice President of Graduate Admissions

Barbara Selmo oversees our dedicated team of graduate admissions counselors and staff.

“Lesley University is deeply connected to the practice of teaching, to education as it happens in the classroom, in the studio, on the playground, in the health care facility. It is a place that acknowledges its history but is not afraid to create new narratives.”

Contact Barbara at

headshot of graduate counselor Alyssa Baker

Alyssa Baker, Senior Associate Director

Area of focus at Lesley: MFA in Photography & Integrated Media and MFA in Visual Arts programs; MFA in Creative Writing.

"I became interested in Lesley because of its community of true change makers comprised of engaged, innovative, and dedicated faculty and students. Studying and working within disciplines that are unapologetically human, students experience a connection to this University and its mission and values that goes beyond their time here."

Email Alyssa:; Call Alyssa: 857.488.8257

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Stephanie Correia, Senior Assistant Director

Area of focus at Lesley: Graduate teacher education programs delivered off-campus; One-Year Collaborative Internship Program (Teacher Residencies); Elementary Education with ESL Preparation Teacher Residency Program; Early Childhood Education Teacher Residency Program in Somerville, Massachusetts.

“Lesley focuses on making the world a better place by training teachers and counselors to be some of the most well-respected professionals in their fields.”

Email Stephanie:; Call Stephanie: 617.894.4396

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Robin Laskey, Senior Associate Director

Area of focus at Lesley: Master's in International Higher Education; Master of Social Work (MSW); PhD in Expressive Therapies; Graduate Certificates and CAGS in Expressive Therapies Studies.

“I have always been impressed by Lesley’s unique academic program offerings, strong reputation for providing training to educators and counselors, and commitment to the arts, social justice, and community service.”

Email Robin:; Call Robin: 678.301.0691

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Headshot of Katherine Law

Katherine Law, Senior Assistant Director

Area of focus at Lesley: Expressive Therapies Master's program.

"I was instantly attracted to Lesley University’s commitment to experiential learning. Students here are using the theory they learn in the classroom and immediately applying it to the field. It is truly rewarding to see students’ goals come to fruition and take the next step in their careers."

Email Katherine:; Call Katherine: 857.488.7738

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headshot of debbie mosher

Debbie Mosher, Regional Director

Area of focus at Lesley: PhD programs in Educational Studies; Graduate teacher education programs delivered off campus including Integrated Teaching through the Arts.

“I have been at Lesley University for more than 10 years, and what has kept me here is the school community. I really enjoy the people I work with and love helping students find what they want to do with their lives.”

Email Debbie:; Call Debbie: 978.973.1053

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Melissa Nesbitt, Senior Assistant Director

Area of focus at Lesley: Art Education, Community Arts, Digital Literacy and Computer Science, Middle School and High School Education, Reading Specialist programs; Master of Education (M.Ed.) programs in Early Childhood, Elementary, and Special Education taught on campus.

“I am drawn to Lesley for its inclusive atmosphere, diverse population of learners, and beautiful campus. Students gain a truly life-changing education through experiential learning.”

Email Melissa:; Call Melissa: 857.488.6531

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Graduate Admissions Counselor Audrey Owens

Audrey Owens, Assistant Director

Area of focus at Lesley: Counseling & Psychology programs; Programs in Mindfulness Studies

"Lesley University is where education meets real-world impact. As a university, Lesley is committed not only to its students, but also to the communities that those students will positively affect with their Lesley education. Lesley values all learners, giving each student the tools they need to be successful educators, clinicians, and alumni of the University. Emphasizing personal and intellectual growth, civic engagement, and experiential learning, Lesley is in pursuit of a better tomorrow, and I am proud to be a part of this community!"

Email Audrey:; Call Audrey: 857.488.7698

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