Transition Specialist

Graduate Certificate or Endorsement, On-Campus Program

Help special education students prepare for adult life.

Federal guidelines require public schools to provide transition planning to prepare special education students ages 14-22 for work, community, and further learning. This program prepares educators and counselors to take a leadership role in transition planning and service provision for students with disabilities.

As you work with special education students, you want them to succeed in life as well as in school. Be instrumental in their transition to adulthood by understanding how best to focus on their educational, functional, and social/emotional needs to plan for the future.

In this program, you’ll explore how to help students lay the groundwork for life success. How to involve them and their families in goal-setting. And how to identify partnerships that support planning.

You'll develop the skills and knowledge to assess, plan, and deliver transition services. Learn how to promote the self-determination of your students, and build relationships with local agencies and employers. And give your students the self-determination and self-advocacy that will set them up for success.

If you have a Bachelor's degree and related experience, you can take this program as a certificate program. If you're a licensed special educator, guidance counselor, school social worker, rehabilitation counselor, you can take the program for a Massachusetts-approved Transition Specialist Endorsement.

Program Structure

Part-time on-campus program

15 Credits
2 graduate student in a classroom
On-Campus Format

Take courses on our Lesley campus in eight-week semesters, meeting two weekends per course with an online component between weekends. You’ll also engage in field experiences that will reinforce your new skills. For information about when this program will next be offered, contact Linda Lengyel at

Gain Skills and Expertise
Our Transition Specialist program prepares you to:
I participated in the transition specialist program, and it was, despite my long experience, eye opening. I worked with educators from a wide spectrum of educational environments, along with some incredible professors who made me think quite differently about how I approach transition with my students. The program has greatly enhanced an already strong transition experience for our students and their families.
Pat McCall ’17
Linda Lengyel
Special Education
Linda Lengyel
Linda is the director of the Transition Specialist program. Her years of work in special education have focused on supporting people with complex needs, considered to have severe disabilities, and their families in school, work, and home settings. Long an advocate for systemic and policy changes, she has also written and presented about such topics as assistive technology, legal issues, teacher preparation, and being an expert witness.
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Total approximate cost for this program. Tuition and fees are for the 2019-2020 academic year.
Transition Specialist
  • Tuition
    Off-Campus Tuition Rate: $650/credit x 12
    Online Tuition: $650/credit x 3
  • Fees
    Technology Fees
    Registration Fees
    Materials Fees
  • Total
Estimated Cost

Although this program takes place on the Lesley campus, off-campus tuition rates apply. Review all graduate tuition and fees, and what they cover.

Tuition and fees are subject to change each year, effective June 1.

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