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Facilities at the Forefront of the Field

We've expanded our animation program to include state-of-the-art visual effects (VFX) training—the highest paying industry in the field. As a student in our animation, digital filmmaking, graphic design, and illustration programs, you'll gain access to facilities unlike any other art and design school in New England. Outfitted with VFX and motion capture technology, our new facilities will prepare you with the hands-on experience needed to break into a range of fields where VFX skills are in high demand.

In addition to a 130-seat screening room, our new digital spaces include:

  • Senior Animation Studio with Digital Stop-Motion & Motion Capture Technologies
  • Dedicated Animation Render Farm
  • Multi-Core CPU and High-End GPU equipped Computer Classrooms
  • Visual Effects Studio/Classroom
  • 3D Fabrication Studio
  • Drawing Studio
  • Interdisciplinary Studio for Construction and Fabrication
  • Downshooter Canon 70D Cameras
  • Dragonframe Stop-Motion Interface
Top Skills for VFX Artists
VFX artists combine traditional animation and fine art techniques with cutting-edge technologies, including motion capture, digital fabrication, and computer rendering.
Where VFX Artists Are In-Demand
VFX career pathways span a range of industries, including:

Meeting the Growing Demand for VFX Skills

VFX refers to digital effects that enhance animation and film shots or stills. VFX artists often combine live action techniques with computer-generated graphics (CGI) to create characters, environments, or elements that would be difficult or impossible to capture in real life. VFX differs from special effects (SFX) in that SFX are non-digital effects designed in the real world.

VFX has a long history in the film and animation industries. And more recently, VFX has begun to play a big role in video game industry. As the game industry continues to grow, production budgets are expanding, too. Current figures and projections place game industry revenues at $91 billion for 2016, and breaking the $100 billion mark for 2017. These figures, combined with annual film revenues topping $38 billion and broadcast revenues hovering around $55 billion, point to an increasing demand for VFX.

Average salary for VFX professionals
$91 Billion
Game industry revenue for 2016 topped $90 billion, making this an exciting time to enter the VFX industry.
Top 10
Boston is ranked #9 among the top 25 most creative cities in the U.S. based on data analyzed from the United States Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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