Our Lunder Arts Center is a state-of-the art building designed for working artists and designers. Located in Porter Square in Cambridge, the facilities consist of a photography laboratory, printmaking studio, animation studio, computer studios, arts library, and exhibition spaces, all professionally equipped for you to make and display your work. With the latest technology and equipment available, you'll have everything you need to expand your creativity.

Exhibition Space

We present a full program of exhibitions throughout the year in our Roberts, Raizes, and VanDernoot Galleries. Experience works of important artists as well as works by alumni, faculty artists, and emerging artists. You’ll be able to assist in mounting exhibitions, and to personally meet visiting artists. Exhibits of student work are displayed throughout the year in student galleries. Additionally, you can exhibit your artwork in the public gallery on the third floor of the Porter Exchange Building in Cambridge.

Animation and VFX Studios

Our animation studio has its own animation computer stations and down-shoot animation stations, both with video projector screenings. Computer stations are equipped with a full set of animation, graphics, and digital filmmaking and sound software. We also have an open studio space for drawing, screenings, and stop-motion or live-shoot projects.

We've also expanded our animation offerings to include state-of-the-art visual effects (VFX) facilities, including a 3D fabrication studio, a rendering farm, and a 130-seat screen room.

Photography Laboratory

You’ll have access to black and white darkrooms, 15 individual color darkrooms, an alternative process darkroom, and studios for setting up photo shoots. We have camera, video, and studio equipment, including a wide range of professional lenses, strobe and tungsten lighting, and all chemistry required for darkroom and alternative process work. You’ll provide your own 35mm camera equipment, film, paper, and specialty chemicals.

Printmaking Studio

You’ll find etching and lithography presses, a wood shop, and a clay lab with several kilns in our printmaking studio. Senior fine arts students have their own semi-private studios, while all fine arts classrooms and facilities are available for you to work in when a class is not in session.

Computer Studios

You’ll work with state-of-the-art equipment and the latest software in our computer studios, where you can create professional portfolios and access different creative mediums. Our digital graphics and media studios are equipped with hardware and software designed to support the requirements of illustrators, fine artists, photographers, graphic designers, and animators.