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Undergraduate Health Services

Student Health Services is an appointment-based clinic serving the acute and chronic medical needs of our full-time undergraduate students, and students in the Threshold program. The clinic is located in the lower level of the McKenna Student Center between the mail room and the elevator.

We’re here to help you maintain your health so that you can focus on your education.

If you’re a full-time student living on campus, you’ll automatically be enrolled to receive Student Health Services for a $400 fee/semester, billed to your student account. Our services are optional for full-time undergraduates living off campus. This fee covers your access to the clinic's services, but is not health insurance. Learn more about student health insurance requirements.

  • Medical Services & Health Programs

    Medical Services

    The Student Health Service offers professional and confidential care and advice on health issues you may have, including, but not limited to:

    • Acute and chronic illnesses
    • Injuries and accidents
    • Reproductive and sexual health needs: contraception, emergency contraception, pap smears, Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) testing and treatment, evaluation of problematic symptoms, or any other concerns
    • Annual free flu shots
    • Nutrition, weight concerns
    • Health information/education around any topic with attention to prevention
    • Management of psychopharmacological medications by the clinical nurse specialist (must be planned ahead, by calling Student Health Services or referral through Student Health Services providers or University Counselors)
    • Coordination with your home provider for monitoring ongoing concerns
    • Basically anything you might see your primary care provider about (& some things you might not even think to see them for)


    We offer some on-site lab tests, including pregnancy, urinalysis, group A strep, influenza, mono, glucose, and microscopy. We also send specimens for testing to Quest Diagnostics, a large local reference laboratory.

    If you have an urgent problem or medical emergency, you may need to go to a local hospital emergency room or urgent care center. During office hours, we can help determine and facilitate that, as well as, when appropriate, directly order advanced diagnostics such as x-rays, ultrasounds, and EKGs in local off campus settings. For other times, please see After-Hours Emergencies and Off-Campus Medical Options.

    Health Programs and Workshops

    We advocate for a healthy campus community. The staff at Student Health Services can assist resident assistants (RAs), community advisors (CAs), faculty, and student leaders in creating health programming for students on these and other topics during the academic year (September to May):

    • Sexual and reproductive health
    • Preventing and managing communicable diseases
    • Nutrition
    • Exercise
    • Drug and alcohol education
    • Quitting smoking

    We can also come to your classroom or event and give a talk on a health-related topic. Please contact lesleyhealthservice@lesley.edu to make arrangements.

  • Hours & Making an Appointment

    We’re located on Doble Campus on the lower level of Mackenzie Hall, next to the mail room. We open at 8:30 am Monday–Friday during each academic semester. We’re open during the academic year, September to May, on the same schedule as the residence halls. We are not a 24-hour walk-in clinic, so you will need to make an appointment.

    Our hours are posted, and usually include evening hours two days/week.

    We have same day/next day appointments, and recommend you call early. We block time every day for urgent care issues. Non-urgent problems may be offered an appointment for the next day.

    • Call 617.349.8222 to make an appointment
    • Make sure we have your current health insurance information, as well as a copy of your card on file.
    • You won't be charged for onsite services, but your insurance will be billed if you require lab tests sent to an outside lab. If you do not want your insurance billed, you can be billed directly by the lab and pay for the charges. These concerns can be discussed with your provider, who might also be able to offer alternatives.
  • Our Staff

    Kerry Folkman, NP-C
    Nurse Practitioner
    Director of Student Health Services

    Virginia Delani
    Medical Office Manager
    Undergraduate Immunization Coordinator

  • Medical Records, Confidentiality, and Your Privacy

    We assure medical confidentiality for care and services received at Student Health Services, except in cases where your safety or others’ safety is at risk, or as required by law (such as mandated reporting of certain infectious diseases and abuse).

    We will not transmit any detailed information to others without your written consent or direction, except as noted. We may share the Student Health Form information with appropriate university personnel on a need-to-know basis. We hold all patient information in strict confidence according to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Acts (FERPA) guidelines.

    Each patient has a confidential medical record, and records are released only with your signed written request. Record requests take about 5–7 business days to complete. Scroll down this page to find the forms you need to release your records.

  • Sick Note Policy

    While we encourage students and faculty to stay out of class and other group gatherings when sick with a contagious illness, we do not provide routine "sick notes" to students for professors due to brief absences from class. We encourage our students to discuss absences with their professors, understanding that students are still responsible for their academic work.

    If one of our providers determines that for health reasons you may be absent for one week or longer, we will notify the appropriate Director of Academic Advising, who will then notify your faculty advisor and professors of the medical absence; we may also connect you with Disability Access services for support. Additionally, there may be some health concerns that are best served by taking a medical leave of absence from the university.

After-Hours Emergencies and Off-Campus Medical Options

All medical emergencies and urgent after-hours problems can be managed by local hospital emergency rooms and walk-in clinics.

  • Emergencies on Campus: Contact your Community Advisor or Public Safety (617.349.8888).
  • Life-threatening Situations: Call 911 for an ambulance, then call Public Safety so they can assist the ambulance in finding you. Campus Security also has a first aid kit and defibrillators available, as well as Narcan (for reversing an opioid overdose).
  • Local Emergency Department: Mount Auburn Hospital Emergency Department is open 24/7, year round. Phone: 617.499.5025. 

Knowledge of your health insurance coverage is very important for accessing all medical services. You should have your insurance cards with you. If it’s after hours, or you’re not eligible for our services, then consider the following off-campus medical options:

Undergraduate Student Health Forms

You must complete and return all forms prior to arrival on campus. Deadline for return is June 1 for students beginning study in the fall and January 1 for students beginning in January. All information provided is kept confidential and will be shared only with appropriate university personnel on a need-to-know basis.

  1. Required Immunizations and Tuberculosis Screening
  2. Student Health History & Health Insurance Information
  3. Optional Health Services Contract for Undergraduate Commuter Students
  • Health Service Disclosure Forms

    A student can request their medical records be sent from or to Student Health Services after completing the following consent forms for records release. Record requests are processed in the order received and generally require 5–7 business days to complete. If you have additional questions regarding records, please contact vdelani@lesley.edu.

    • Complete and sign the Release of Medical Information Form (PDF) for release of medical information. Note: Please use this form to request that your records are sent from an outside provider or facility to Lesley Student Health Service.
    • Disclosure forms must be complete with correct phone/fax numbers, contact information and complete signature.
    • Signed and completed disclosure forms can be emailed to vdelani@lesley.edu, faxed to 617.349.8225, or mailed to Lesley Student Health Service, 29 Everett Street, Cambridge, MA 02138.
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