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Public Safety

The Public Safety Office’s mission is to serve and protect Lesley University and to ensure our buildings and community members remain safe. We conduct detailed watch tours of the entire campus, provide safety escorts upon request, and maintain order during emergencies, among other duties and responsibilities.


We have 3 locations on campus.

  • Doble Campus

    Adjacent to Marran Gallery
    34 Mellen Street
    Cambridge, MA

  • Porter Campus

    Adjacent to South Elevator
    Ground Level
    University Hall
    1815 Massachusetts Avenue
    Cambridge, MA

  • South Campus

    99-2 Brattle Street Cambridge, MA 02138

What we do at Public Safety

Safety Patrol

Lesley Public Safety officers continually patrol all campus buildings and areas, 7 days per week. While patrolling, our officers monitor all activities, respond to alarms, inspect lighting, conduct fire watches, and maintain control of our parking lots. Our officers are equipped with two-way radio communications and stay in constant contact with the Public Safety Office while on patrol.

Emergency Response                                                                

Lesley Public Safety officers are trained to respond to all emergencies (criminal, medical, fire, etc.). It’s our responsibility to maintain control of an emergency scene, administer CPR/First Aid as needed, get assistance from emergency response agencies, and guide the response team to an emergency location.

Safety Escort

We've established a safety escort program to provide additional protection to our students, faculty, and staff while they walk around campus. Public Safety officers can accompany any member of the Lesley community upon request (pending availability of a Public Safety officer).

Call the appropriate campus contact number to use this service. An officer will meet you at a predetermined location and escort you to your destination. This service is limited to campus boundaries.

Personal Safety Alarms

The Public Safety Office has personal safety alarms, which may be used as an alternative to an officer escort. These alarms emit a 130-decibel signal, which may scare away any potential aggressor and draw attention to your situation. These alarms can be signed out from the Public Safety Office on the Doble Campus at any time.

Security Report

As a part of the Higher Education Act of 1965, the Clery Act mandates that all colleges and universities maintain and report crime statistics for the 3 prior calendar years. These statistics identify all crimes committed on campus and on adjacent public streets, and are published in annual security reports to the campus community.

The following report was compiled by the Lesley Public Safety Department with assistance from local police departments. Statistics* are organized into the following categories:

  • On-campus
  • In dormitories 
  • Non-campus property
  • On nearby public property 
  • Fire statistics

Review Lesley’s annual report: 2023 Campus Security and Fire Safety Report (PDF)

*Statistics were compiled in accordance with Uniform Crime Reporting System terms, as defined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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