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Parking Permit Regulations

Lesley University is located in an urban environment with limited parking. The parking spaces we do have are paid spots.

Any vehicle parked on the Lesley University campus must have a parking pass, either in semester sticker or printed pass form.  Printed passes should be CLEARLY displayed and readable on the vehicle's dashboard, and semester stickers should be CLEARLY displayed and readable on the driver’s side rear window.

If the sticker cannot be clearly displayed on the driver’s side rear window, the sticker must be clearly displayed and readable on one of the vehicle's windows.

If you’ve been granted a parking permit, you’ll need to:

  • Follow all of Lesley's parking policies, procedures, permit rights, and responsibilities.

  • Promptly pay the university any amount due for fees, fines, or other expenses for violation of regulations.

Our Department of Public Safety officers enforce parking regulations and issue citations.

  • General Policies
    • Parking regulations prevail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

    • Valid parking permits are required to park on Lesley property and must be displayed at all times.

    • All unauthorized vehicles will be ticketed and towed at the operator’s or owner's expense.

    • Parking permits will not be pro-rated except upon cancellation.

    • The resale or redistribution of your parking permit is strictly prohibited. The penalty for this offense is loss of your parking privileges for one year.

    • Permit holders must report lost parking permits to the Public Safety Office. There is a $5 replacement fee (stolen permits reported to the police are free). Once the permit holder reports the lost hang-tag, it becomes invalid.

    • All vehicles parking on Lesley property must possess both a license plate and registration sticker or it will be considered abandoned and will be removed.

    • During snow emergencies, all vehicles must be moved from parking lots to allow snow removal.

    • The University assumes no responsibility for damages to any vehicle or its contents while parked on Lesley property.

    • On weekends and holidays, all students, faculty, and staff with a valid parking permit will be able to park in the University lots as space permits.
  • Doble Campus

    Semester permits are valid on all campuses on all lots. Day Permits are valid on the Doble Campus. Parents of resident students are permitted 3 days of free parking per semester. Parents may obtain their permit at the Doble Public Safety Office.

  • South Campus

    Semester permits are valid on all campuses on all lots. Day permits are valid on the South Campus. Parents may obtain their permit at the Doble Public Safety Office.

  • University Hall

    Semester permits are valid on all campuses on all lots. Day permits are only valid in lot R, 1826 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138.

  • Parking Permit Cancellation

    If a permit holder cancels their permit, they are responsible for all fees associated with the cancellation. They must return all hang-tags or access cards to the Public Safety Office.

    Pro-rated refunds are determined from the date Public Safety receives the permit and access card, not the date of verbal or written notification.

    Lesley University Public Safety is not responsible for any hang-tags or access cards lost in the mail.

    If notification is not given by employees using the payroll deduction option for permit fees, charges will accrue until the permit expires.

  • Tow Policy

    We are following a strict “3 Tickets then Tow” policy. If you receive 3 violations for any reason, your vehicle will be towed on the fourth violation without exception.

    If you are found without a parking pass, blocking a lane, blocking another vehicle, or parking in an area that is not a parking spot, you will be ticketed.

    This policy is in effect at all campuses, and includes parking in a “non-spot” at University Hall.

    The holder of a parking permit who fails to pay a parking fine may be subject to towing or non-renewal of their parking permit.

    If you receive a citation for illegally parking on Lesley property, it’s your responsibility to contact Public Safety to determine why the citation was issued.

    The cost for a tow is approximately $120.

  • Safety

    All community members are encouraged to use caution when walking to their vehicle in the evening hours. Public Safety escorts are available to all community members upon request.

Citations & Appeals

Because parking at Lesley is limited, a violation and fine system has been developed to help maintain control of our parking lots.

  • Parking Violations and Fines
    • No permit/not registered: $25

    • Parking in HP space without appropriate plates: $75

    • Blocking: $25

    • No Parking area: $25

    • Parked in a reserved space: $25

    • Parked in a guest space: $25

    • Permit not properly displayed: $5 (time and materials fee)
  • Fine Payments

    Employees and students pay their parking fines online. Pay the fine within 21 days from the date of issue to avoid a late fee of $15 (added to the overdue fine).

    Parking permit holders who don’t pay their parking fines are subject to towing, and non-renewal of their parking permit. 

    Employees with unpaid parking violations won’t be issued new semester permits. Students with unpaid parking violations won’t receive their grades or be permitted to graduate.

  • Parking Fine Appeals Process

    Lesley University maintains a fair and objective appeals process.

    Students and employees can appeal a parking citation online, within 21 days of getting the fine, if they believe it was issued in error or is not consistent with university policy. Appeals may ONLY be filed online at https://lesley.thepermitstore.com/

    The Assistant Director of Campus Safety and Services will review all appeals and render final decisions based on evidence.