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Sexual Misconduct Confidential and Private Reporting Resources

Lesley University will treat information regarding sexual misconduct with sensitivity. However, almost all faculty and staff members are obligated to report any knowledge of potential sexual misconduct, including sexual violence, to the Equal Opportunity and Title IX Coordinator so that appropriate steps can be taken to assist students and employees.

The table here sets forth private and confidential resources on campus. Individuals listed as “private” resources will keep the information as private as possible but are required to share information with the Equal Opportunity and Title IX Coordinator. If you are unsure whether someone is a private or confidential resource, you can ask them or you can speak with the Equal Opportunity and Title IX Coordinator.


  Information & Support about Resources and Lesley Policies and Procedure Therapy/Counseling Interim or Supportive Measures under Lesley Procedure* Places to File Complaints Confidentiality Level
Counseling Center
Yes Yes No No Confidential
Student Health Service
Yes No No No Confidential

Confidential Resource Providers:

Max Meristil (Employees)


Samantha Carpinella (Employees)

Yes No Yes No Confidential
Public Safety
Yes No No Yes Private
Equal Opportunity & Title IX Coordinator
Yes No Yes Yes Private
Dean of Student Life
Yes No Yes Yes Private
Interim Chief of Human Resources
Yes No Yes Yes Private
Faculty Members No No No No Private
Staff Members No No No No Private

*Examples of interim measures or supportive measures in Title IX sexual harassment matters include but are not limited to: issuing a no-contact order; changing job or housing assignments; changing course scheduling; providing escorts; and increasing security in certain locations. Interim measures and supportive measures do not preclude formal discipline. For more information on interim or supportive measures, please review Lesley’s Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Resolution Procedure or contact the Equal Opportunity and Title IX Coordinator at