Fall 2020 Guidance
In response to COVID-19, university courses and operations remain predominantly online for fall.

Fall 2020 Plan: College of Art & Design

Find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Find information regarding our College of Art & Design's operations for the fall semester. We will update this page regularly as we monitor the conditions surrounding the global coronavirus pandemic and as more details become available.

This web page reflects our plans based on current circumstances. These plans could change based on the level of student interest and possible future changes in public health requirements. 


Contact Dean Amy Deines at amy.greendeines@lesley.edu or Stuart Steck at ssteck@lesley.edu.

Return to Campus Community Compact

Lesley students who are using in-person campus resources must read and sign our Return to Campus Community Compact (PDF) before arriving on campus. Students under the age of 18 must have their parent or guardian sign the Compact.


  • For information about tuition rates for the fall semester, please visit your account at the Student Account Center.

Remote Teaching and Learning

  • Lesley University has adopted a remote model for teaching, learning, and professional development this fall. With the exception of a few courses, the vast majority of classes at Lesley Art + Design will be delivered remotely.
  • We have redesigned our curriculum so that students will have a robust, rigorous, and engaging educational experience both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Lesley is prioritizing the health and well-being of our students while focusing on their artistic, intellectual, and professional development.

How Remote Learning Will Work

  • Our faculty members have carefully redesigned the curriculum to facilitate both remote instruction and distance-learning. Our curriculum is specifically designed to prepare students for the challenges that artists and designers will face in a post-COVID context.
  • No student will be required to work on-site

Classes With Limited Access to Studios and Labs

  • We are pleased to offer a small number of select undergraduate courses that will provide students with limited access to highly specialized facilities, equipment, and technology.
  • No first-year art students will be working on campus. All 1000-level courses will be conducted entirely online.
  • Only students enrolled in these courses will be able to work on-site this fall, if they choose to:
    • Stop Motion Animation (IANIM 2450)
    • Digital Filmmaking Thesis Seminar I & II (IDFLM 4210/4220)
    • Relief Printmaking (IFINE 2285)
    • Printmaking: Intaglio I (IFINE 2300)
    • Screenprinting I (IFINE 2392)
    • Ceramics: Handbuilding (IFINE 2401)
    • Ceramics: Wheel Throwing (IFINE 2411) (canceled)
    • Core Clay I (IFINE 2445)
    • Senior Studio I & II (IFINE 4800/4810)
    • Visual Books I (INTDS 3110)
    • Fabrication for Exhibition (INTDS 3300)
    • Intro to Alternative Processes (IPHOT-2100)
    • Senior Portfolio I & II (IPHOT 4150/4160)
  • This course list is subject to change.
  • This course list is subject to the contingencies of the COVID-crisis. Access to all facilities is subject to guidelines regarding building capacity, social distancing, sanitizing protocols, and COVID testing/screening procedures.
  • Students enrolled in any of the courses approved for limited campus access should email Dean Nathaniel Mays at nmays@lesley.edu, by August 10, 2020, to let him know if you are interested in Lunder access and whether you would want a hotel room.

Buildings for On-Campus Work

  • Students who are enrolled in a small number of select courses will have limited access to studios and labs in the Lunder Arts Center and/or University Hall.
  • Access to these facilities will vary by course and program but will be limited and strictly monitored.


All Lesley College of Art & Design students who are registered in one of the 13 courses and choose to study on campus during the Fall 2020 semester will have the option of being housed at the Hotel 1868. The Hotel 1868 is across from our Porter Campus in Porter Square.

Hotel Rate

The University has secured a reduced rate of $69/night (including tax). This represents a significant discount from the hotel’s standard rates and is in line with what students would pay to live in a single room on campus. Unlike a single room on campus, the rate includes private bathrooms for all rooms as well as weekly housekeeping.  A Lesley student community advisor will be present in the hotel as well.

Reserving a Hotel Room

Students must notify Dean Mays (nmays@lesley.edu) if they want to take advantage of the in-person option and hotel housing option as soon as possible and no later than Friday, August 21, 2020.

We will then let students know and inform the hotels of their names the following week, at which point students can call and make their reservations. Please do not contact the hotel until you have heard from Dean Mays.

We will provide additional details about the scheduling of hybrid courses as soon as possible. The hotel will give students reservations based on the program Lesley identifies for them. Students are responsible for paying the hotel directly.

Students can reserve rooms at the Hotel 1868 in whatever pattern suits them best based on the on-campus portions of their course, but they must communicate with the University regarding their planned length/pattern of hotel residence. During the booking process, the hotel will confirm with the University that the student is enrolled and approved to return to campus.


Students are responsible for paying for their meals directly.

Learn more about dining options and discounts at local restaurants.

Students Are Not Required to Come to Campus

  • Even if courses have approval for access to studios and labs, no College of Art & Design student will be required to work on campus.
  • Professors and department chairs will provide alternative projects and instruction so that students can complete their coursework remotely. The health and well-being of our community are paramount.

On-Campus Course Access & Schedule

  • Depending on the course, students may divide their time between remote learning and the use of the facilities. Access to the facilities will take place during the regularly scheduled day/time for each course and will be closely monitored by faculty and staff.
  • Access to the Lunder Arts Center will be restricted to the specific labs/studios designated for each course. In some cases, courses will have access to our facilities 3-4 times during the semester. In other cases, courses will have access every other week.
  • There will be no access to other parts of Lesley or its facilities.
  • Access to the campus will end as of November 21.

Residence Halls & Dining Halls

  • Lesley's residence and dining halls will not be open.
  • The university is contracting with local hotels to accommodate the housing and dining needs of students who are enrolled in courses that have access to Lunder and who choose to work on-site.

Where to Find General Information About the Fall

  • Lesley.edu/plan has all the general information we’ve released about the fall, including tuition, technology support, health and safety protocols, semester calendar, remote instruction, and more. This page is always up to date.