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Glossary of Fees

Have a fee on your bill you aren’t sure about? Look up any Lesley University fee right here.

Fees are nonrefundable.

  • Affiliation Fee
    • Charged to graduate education students enrolled in Teacher Residency programs
    • Supports services of the Field Placement office, field training sites, supervising practitioners, and Lesley program supervisors
  • Comprehensive Fee

    The Comprehensive Fee for undergraduate students replaces seven fees that students were previously assessed including Activity Fees, Lab Fees, Registration Fees, Technology Fees, Art and Design Fees, Degree Completion Fees, and Materials Fees. The comprehensive fee is $465 per semester for full time students and is prorated for those enrolled in less than 12 credits.

    The Comprehensive Fee for graduate students is $25 per registered credit.  Students registering for courses bearing zero credits are charges a Comprehensive Fee equal to one credit.

  • Conduct Violation Fee
    • A fee imposed for violation of the Student Code of Conduct
    • Amounts vary
  • Field Experience Fee
    • Charged to graduate students for each required practicum or internship  
    • Supports services of the Field Placement office, field training sites, supervising practitioners, and Lesley program supervisors
  • Health Service Fee
    • Mandatory for all undergraduate and Threshold students living on campus
    • Optional for full-time undergraduate students who commute
    • Supports services provided by the Lesley Health Services clinic
    • Not health insurance
    • Learn more about Student Health Services for undergraduates
  • Housing Deposit
    • Charged each year to undergraduates who live on campus.
    • Returned to the student when moving out of the residential hall, minus damage to the student’s room or common area.
    • If at any point, the cost of damages exceeds the Housing Deposit, your student account will be charged in the amount of the overage, to be paid within 30 days.
    • If the student cancels their Residence Hall contract, the fee is forfeited.
  • Late Fees and Penalties

    Late Registration Fee

    • Charged each semester to students who register for courses that occurred in a past semester

    Late Payment Fee

    • Charged twice per semester a student account is past due
    • Not charged on the amount of the bill that financial aid will cover
    • If enrolled in and paying on a monthly payment plan, students won’t be charged the late payment fee on the portion of the bill covered by the payment plan
    • Veteran's Affairs eligible students:  In accordance with S2248 PL 115-407 Section 103, Lesley University will not impose any penalty, including the assessment of late fees, the denial of access to classes, libraries, or other institutional facilities, or the requirement that a covered individual borrow additional funds, on any covered individual because of the individual’s inability to meet his or her financial obligations to the institution due to the delayed disbursement of a payment to be provided by the Secretary under chapter 31 or 33 of this title.

      To dispute the fee due to an error: Email us within 60 days of the bill where the late payment occurred

    Replacement Check Fee

    • Charged if we need to reissue a refund check to a student
    • Email us to request that a check be reissued

    Declined Payment Fee

    • Charged to the student's account if a payment transaction is declined (check, ACH, debit, or credit)
    • We may require future payments to be made by certified check or money order
    • If a check was returned due to a bank error, get a letter from the bank. That way, we can remove the fee and accept your personal checks in the future.
  • MAP ePortfolio Fee
    • MAP is an electronic portfolio system students in some programs use to document their learning and to show they’re meeting state and professional standards
    • Required for most education (teacher preparation) programs
    • The one-time fee is good for a 5-year subscription
    • If your program requires MAP, LiveText, our ePortfolio vendor, will email you your subscription
    • The fee is posted on your bill, and financial aid can be used to pay it
  • MAP Tevera Fee

    Mental Health Field Placement, Licensure/Credentialing, and Assessment Management Software Subscription

    This one-time fee provides our students in certain programs with ongoing access to a subscription for tracking field placement and license requirements while enrolled at Lesley University and after graduation.

    Applicable Programs:

    • Expressive Therapies master's degrees
    • Counseling & Psychology master's degrees
    • Social Work (undergraduate BSW and graduate MSW programs)
  • Minimum Damage Assessment Fee

    This is the lowest charge a student would pay if there’s damage to their room or common area. For example, if there’s $15 of damage beyond wear and tear, the student would still get billed the minimum fee of $25.

  • New Student Orientation Fee
    • One-time fee charged to undergraduate students (first-year and transfers) at the start of their first semester
    • Covers costs associated with the New Student Orientation
  • PhD Matriculation Fee
    • Charged to PhD students for their first 12 semesters of doctoral study (Fall, Spring, and Summer)
    • After the first 12 semesters, the fee increases and becomes a PhD Continuation Fee
    • Supports advising services and academic support for students as they complete their PhD requirements
    • Charged to the student account after registering in the Doctoral Study course number 9151
  • PhD Continuation Fee
    • Charged to PhD students after 12 semesters of doctoral study (Fall, Spring, and Summer)
    • Supports advising services and academic support for students as they complete their PhD requirements
    • Charged to the student account upon registering in the Doctoral Study course number 9151
  • Prior Learning Assessment
    • Adult learners enrolled in a bachelor’s degree completion program can take our Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) course to document their past work and life experience, and convert it into college-level credit.
    • Students pay $100/credit for college credit granted for prior learning outside of the classroom.
  • Registration Fee
    • Charged for each 8-week term or semester the student is taking courses
    • Supports administrative costs of processing registrations, managing rooms, and course scheduling
    • Maximum charge: $40/semester
  • Residency Fee
    • Charged to students participating a low-residency graduate program
    • The fee varies by department and covers different expenses, depending on the program
    • Could cover some meals during the residency, materials, or parking
    • Ask your advisor what’s covered in your program’s residency fee
  • Student Health Insurance Plan
    • Full-time undergraduate and Threshold students, and graduate students taking 6 or more credits in a semester in a campus-based program, are auto-enrolled in Lesley’s Student Health Insurance Plan, unless they opt out by a specified deadline.
    • Students opt out by showing they are covered by another qualified health plan.
    • Low-residency, off-campus, and online students are not eligible for the Lesley Health Plan.


    Learn more about the Student Health Insurance Plan

  • Tuition Protection Insurance

    What happens when your education is disrupted by an unexpected injury or illness?  Depending on the timing of the withdrawal, you may not be eligible to receive a refund of all your tuition and fees.

    The Tuition Protection Insurance Plan helps students and their families overcome the financial losses that may result from events which force students to withdraw from the semester due to a covered medical reason.  Helping families get the most out of your Lesley University experience is always our top priority.  That's why we've partnered with GradGuard* to make the Tuition Protection Insurance Plan available to our families.

    This coverage strengthens and broadens the scope of our existing refund policy by ensuring reimbursement for tuition, housing, and other payments if a student withdraws for any covered medical reason at any time during the semester.

    The insurance plan is offered via the Student Account Center, or you can learn more at GradGuard.com/Tuition/Lesley or by calling Customer Service at 1.866.724.4384.

    *For our returning students, please note that this plan is offered through a different carrier and does not have the same opt-in/opt-out process.  Please refer to the Student Account Center for further enrollment details.

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