Glossary of Fees

Have a fee on your bill you aren’t sure about? Look up any Lesley University fee right here.

Fees are nonrefundable.

  • Activity Fee
    • Charged to students in programs delivered on campus
    • Supports student organizations, social events, counseling, testing, student media, career services, facilities, shuttle, and other services
  • Affiliation Fee
    • Charged to graduate education students enrolled in Teacher Residency programs
    • Supports services of the Field Placement office, field training sites, supervising practitioners, and Lesley program supervisors
  • Assessment Fee
    • Charged for certain graduate courses in special education or reading
    • Covers the cost of materials that graduate special education students and reading specialist students use when working with children in their field assignments
  • College of Art and Design Facilities Fee
    • Charged to all undergraduate College of Art and Design students
    • Supports the purchase and repair of specialty equipment, and the added facilities maintenance required in an art making environment
  • Conduct Violation Fee
    • A fee imposed for violation of the Student Code of Conduct
    • Amounts vary
  • Copyright Fee

    The copyright fee covers copyright costs for electronic and video permissions for content used in certain graduate education courses.

  • Degree Completion Fee

    This fee covers some of the expenses for verifying the student’s completion of program requirements; commencement program printing; and diplomas (printing, cases, postage).

    • Charged when undergraduate and graduate students file a Declaration of Intent to Graduate by the deadline.
    • For Threshold students, this fee is built into the tuition & fees during Transition Year.
    • If you miss the deadline, the fee jumps from $75 to $150.
    • The fee is due 30 days after the form is filed.


  • Field Experience Fee
    • Charged to graduate students for each required practicum or internship  
    • Fee varies by program
    • Supports services of the Field Placement office, field training sites, supervising practitioners, and Lesley program supervisors
  • Health Service Fee
    • Mandatory for all undergraduate and Threshold students living on campus
    • Optional for full-time undergraduate students who commute
    • Supports services provided by the Lesley Health Services clinic
    • Not health insurance
    • Learn more about Student Health Services for undergraduates
  • Housing Deposit
    • Charged each year to undergraduates who live on campus.
    • Returned to the student when moving out of the residential hall, minus damage to the student’s room or common area.
    • If at any point, the cost of damages exceeds the Housing Deposit, your student account will be charged in the amount of the overage, to be paid within 30 days.
    • If the student cancels their Residence Hall contract, the fee is forfeited.
  • Lab Fee
    • Charged in any semester where the undergraduate student takes certain science and computer courses
    • Supports the use of the laboratory with coursework
    • One charge covers all courses in the semester
  • Late Fees and Penalties

    Check-In Fee

    • Applicable to undergraduate students enrolled in College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, or College of Art and Design
    • Charged to students who do not complete the online check-in process via LOIS

    Late Registration Fee

    • Charged each semester to students who register for courses that occurred in a past semester

    Late Payment Fee

    • Charged each month a student account is past due
    • Not charged on the amount of the bill that financial aid will cover
    • If enrolled in and paying on a monthly payment plan, students won’t be charged the late payment fee on the portion of the bill covered by the payment plan

      To dispute the fee due to an error: Email us within 60 days of the bill where the late payment occurred

    Replacement Check Fee

    • Charged if we need to reissue a refund check to a student
    • Email us to request that a check be reissued

    Declined Payment Fee

    • Charged to the student's account if a payment transaction is declined (check, ACH, debit, or credit)
    • We may require future payments to be made by certified check or money order
    • If a check was returned due to a bank error, get a letter from the bank. That way, we can remove the fee and accept your personal checks in the future.
  • MAP ePortfolio Fee
    • MAP is an electronic portfolio system graduate students use to document their learning, and to show they’re meeting state and professional standards
    • Required for most graduate education programs
    • The one-time fee is good for a 5-year subscription
    • If your program requires MAP, LiveText, our ePortfolio vendor, will email you your subscription
    • The fee is posted on your bill, and financial aid can be used to pay it
  • Materials Fee
    • Amounts vary, and are determined by each department
    • Offsets the costs for course materials, such as handouts
  • MFA in Visual Arts Culminating Fee
    • Charged to graduating MFA in Visual Arts Students during the last (fifth) residency
    • Covers costs associated with Thesis Exhibition and Final Graduate Presentations
  • Minimum Damage Assessment Fee

    This is the lowest charge a student would pay if there’s damage to their room or common area. For example, if there’s $15 of damage beyond wear and tear, the student would still get billed the minimum fee of $25.

  • New Student Orientation Fee
    • One-time fee charged to undergraduate students (first-year and transfers) at the start of their first semester
    • Covers costs associated with the New Student Orientation
  • PhD Matriculation Fee
    • Charged to PhD students for their first 8 eight semesters of doctoral study (Fall & Spring)
    • After the first 8 semesters, the fee increases and becomes a PhD Continuation Fee
    • Supports advising services and academic support for students as they complete their PhD requirements
    • Charged to the student account after registering in the Doctoral Study course number 9151
  • PhD Continuation Fee
    • Charged to PhD students after 8 semesters of doctoral study (Fall & Spring)
    • Supports advising services and academic support for students as they complete their PhD requirements
    • Charged to the student account upon registering in the Doctoral Study course number 9151
  • Practicum Fee
    • Charged for each practicum or internship at the graduate level
    • Provides insurance coverage for the university if the student causes damage or injury at their internship site
  • Prior Learning Assessment
    • Adult learners enrolled in a bachelor’s degree completion program can take our Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) course to document their past work and life experience, and convert it into college-level credit.
    • Students pay $100/credit for college credit granted for prior learning outside of the classroom.
  • Registration Fee
    • Charged for each 8-week term or semester the student is taking courses
    • Supports administrative costs of processing registrations, managing rooms, and course scheduling
    • Maximum charge: $40/semester
  • Residency Fee
    • Charged to students participating a low-residency graduate program
    • The fee varies by department and covers different expenses, depending on the program
    • Could cover some meals during the residency, materials, or parking
    • Ask your advisor what’s covered in your program’s residency fee
  • Student Health Insurance Plan
    • Full-time undergraduate and Threshold students, and graduate students taking 6 or more credits in a semester in a campus-based program, are auto-enrolled in Lesley’s Student Health Insurance Plan, unless they opt out by a specified deadline.
    • Students opt out by showing they are covered by another qualified health plan.
    • Low-residency, off-campus, and online students are not eligible for the Lesley Health Plan.


    Learn more about the Student Health Insurance Plan

  • Technology Fee
    • Charged for each online course you take
    • Supports the maintenance and growth of the university's technological infrastructure, including equipment, and access to and assistance with information technology
    • The fee is also used to expand the university's online technology programs
  • Tuition Insurance (Optional)

    Covers a student’s tuition, room, and board if they can’t complete a semester due to certain emergency situations, such as a serious illness or accident.

    The university's refund policy provides a partial tuition refund through the fourth week of classes, and a prorated refund for room and board through the seventh week of classes.

    The Tuition Refund Plan, provided by A.W.G. Dewar's, Inc. (617.774.1555), ensures a refund of charges in the event the student withdraws completely, under the terms of the plan.  

    Tuition insurance is available for Fall and Spring semesters, but not summer.

    Undergraduate & Threshold Students (full-time)

    • Are auto-enrolled in the plan, and need to opt out by the deadline if they don’t want to participate
    • The fee is billed to the student’s account
    • Opt out: Submit a waiver via LOIS by August 1 for the Fall semester, and December 15 for the Spring semester

    Graduate Students

    • Are not auto-enrolled, and need to opt in if they want to participate
    • Enroll in a minimum of 6 credits to participate
    • Plan provides up to 70 percent tuition refund if a student withdraws from the semester due to an emergency, under the terms of the plan

    Opt in: Email, by the first day of the Fall and Spring Semesters, with your permission to be charged the premium for the semester.

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