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NewsApr 25, 2023

Showtime at the Brattle!

College of Art and Design Digital Filmmaking premieres 18 student films on May 4 at Cambridge’s storied Brattle Theatre

poster for Premiere 2023

By John Sullivan

The handiwork of 16 seniors and two juniors hit the silver screen on May 4, as our College of Art and Design’s Digital Filmmaking department premiered short thesis films at the legendary independent movie theater.

“Premiere ’23 was composed of 18 LA+D students’ films.

“We’re incredibly proud of these filmmakers who've worked all year to create 18 amazing films! From love stories to horror films, from war documentaries to surreal dreams… our filmmakers put a wide range of ideas, experiences and emotions on the big screen,” says Professor Matthew Nash, chair of Digital Filmmaking. He announced the event with Ingrid Stobbe, assistant professor of Digital Filmmaking.

The student auteurs include:

  • Ian Charles — “The Mountain”
  • Adaylia Shiman — “DLC”
  • Audrey Calhoun — “With Your Whole Chest”
  • Jesse Ellis — “The Shortcut”
  • Jason Perry — “To War and Back”
  • Reese Stephen — “Piano Forté”
  • Kevin Sheppard — “Criminal”
  • James Hurley — “In Transit”
  • Molly Martine — “Decisions”
  • (Anonymous) — “Untitled X”
  • Katelyn Johnston — “REC”
  • Lilly Parker — “Escalating”
  • Will Sheehy — “Good Cops”
  • Isaiah Marcellino — “In the Attic”
  • Sebastian Parra — “We the People”
  • Shannon Doyle — “Onset”
  • Christian Fox — “Servant of Evil”
  • Jenavy Santana — “Speed”