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Cultivating Thought Leadership in Theory, Practice and Creativity

The Journal of Pedagogy, Pluralism and Practice is a refereed academic journal published by Lesley University, providing a medium for leading minds in the arts, sciences and human services to promote cultural criticism and pluralistic approaches to teaching and learning. The editorial board seeks to present a balance of practitioner-research, philosophical essays, systematic theoretical research, literature, and the visual arts to showcase interdisciplinary lenses for diverse forms of education.

Beyond written works from distinguished Lesley faculty in education, expressive therapies, fine arts, creative writing, counseling and psychology, the Journal presents exclusive articles from renowned public intellectuals in order to build a stronger dialogue within contemporary theory and practice.

International Perspectives from Global Practitioners

Topics examined in the Journal of Pedagogy, Pluralism and Practice are solicited and developed with input from Lesley University's global partners. The authors' academic contributions and creative work in the Journal are informed by firsthand research and personal studies across the United States and nations including Cuba, Zimbabwe and Lesley's Israel Extension Program.

Editorial Board