Fall 2020 Guidance
In response to COVID-19, university courses and operations remain predominantly online for fall.

All contributions to the Journal should be sent to the editor by electronic mail, addressed to jppp@lesley.edu.

Given the volume of email from all sources, and the problem of viruses and junk-email, we ask that those wishing to submit articles to first send an email to the addressee above stating that a submission will be sent. In the initial email, please put JPPP in the subject heading and please put the title of the submission in the body of the email along with the name of the file which will be submitted. Furthermore, please indicate the kind or type of file that will be forthcoming (e.g., Word). Please include a phone number in the event we have difficulty reaching you by return email. We ask for your cooperation with these requests.

Articles should conform to the simplest stylistic conventions of the American Psychological AssociationAuthors who wish to submit manuscripts that are in different formats (or require elaborate tables, images or other non-text features) should first contact the editors for further guidelines.

Care should be given to the expectations of readers who may read articles on-line and who may wish to download and print articles. Length is a consideration. We will publish articles not more than a maximum 7000 words, but economy of expression and overall brevity may serve the needs of readers. Also please include a 150 word abstract as well as one paragraph highlighting your publications and academic profile.

Authors may include email links or other hyperlinks in their submissions, if those sites are approved by the editorial board for inclusion in the Journal.

The Journal is interested in directly addressing linguistic pluralism by publishing articles in languages other than English, when possible. Authors who can submit two versions of their article, one in English and one in another language, are encouraged to do so.

The Journal publishes previously unpublished materials only.

Guidelines for Student Submissions

The Journal of Pedagogy Pluralism and Practice welcomes submissions from student scholars. Beginning masters students and advanced undergraduate student authors would be required to work in conjunction with a faculty mentor, who would support the student in meeting the JPPP’s established criteria for submission. The faculty mentor will be responsible to support them throughout the review process. Doctoral students are invited to submit their work independently. Articles may be jointly or singly authored. The editorial board will consider publishing only one student submission per issue.

All submissions must use APA.