Fall 2020 Guidance
In response to COVID-19, university courses and operations remain predominantly online for fall.

Online Course Evaluation Updates for 2019-2020


After a two-year pilot, which was approved by Faculty Assembly in spring 2017, the course evaluation tool was further revised by members of the Faculty Affairs and Academic Policy Committee (FAAP) with the help of feedback from all constituencies in the spring of 2019.

For Frequently Asked Questions about Online End-of-Course Evaluations, please visit the SmartEvals Support FAQ


Revision Process

The revision work was driven entirely by the valuable input of faculty and students who completed our survey in February 2019. Survey responses included numerical ratings and commentary on each of the pilot evaluation questions. Members of FAAP carefully read and categorized responses from over 500 students and 120 adjunct and core faculty members. The revised document was then posted on the Faculty Assembly Blackboard page during the months of March and April, with an open invitation for further feedback-and your input helped us to refine the questions once more. The new course evaluation document will provide valuable student feedback about your courses and students’ experiences as learners in your courses.


Revised End-of-Course Survey Questions

You can view the survey questions:  Sample Course Evaluation Preview

**Note that this is a fictional course and instructor and intended only to demonstrate the questions and how they will appear.

Changes to Online Course Evaluation Process for 2019-2020

Beginning in Fall 2019, students will be unable to view their final grade until the evaluations have closed. While evaluations are open, students will see a “**” in LOIS until both the evaluation has closed (7 days after the end of the course section) and the grade is entered by faculty.

Who do I contact for support with online end-of-course evaluations?

Each school is administering their own course evaluations and has an administrator if you need assistance.

For other questions related to the administration of online end-of-course evaluations, please visit the SmartEvals Support FAQ