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Workplace Culture Workstream

In October 2016, President Weiss sent a message to the Lesley Community (PDF) announcing the establishment of a Culture Workstream and requested that a small committee be established to review our culture and how it contributes to Lesley’s effort to model a “High Performance” organization. It is his hope that the group would identify both positive attributes that we should work to strengthen and attributes which get in our way of success. This was one of three work stream initiatives that he established. The work of this Committee has three overall purposes:

  1.  to specifically define what a High Performance culture at Lesley ought to look like; and

  2. to identify and define a small set of pragmatic, high impact actions which we can undertake now to begin the process of strengthening Lesley’s Culture; and,

  3. to initiate a community discussion and identify some preliminary ideas to feed into our upcoming ten-year vision and strategic planning process which will launch later this year.

A Committee of 13 employees representing a wide cross section of the University was convened and met on November 2, 2016 for the first of three meetings. The Committee adopted a general description of a high performance work culture as well as eight major contributors to how a work place should function in order to be considered high-performance and achieve success.

The Committee decided to host three community meetings and provide a short on- line survey to solicit broad community participation and suggestions to begin the discussion and idea generation. In total, approximately 150 employees attended one of the initial three sessions, 71 employees participated in the on-line survey, and 90 employees attended one of the three follow up sessions.

Members of the Task Force

  • Alison Angell; Career Resource Center; Administrator; 30 Years of Service
  • Susan Ashbrook; College of Art and Design; Faculty; 11 Years of Service
  • Marylou Batt; Administration; Administrator; 15 Years of Service
  • Tina Carter De La Cruz; Graduate School of Education; Administrator; 17 Years of Service
  • Meenakshi Chhabra; Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences; Faculty; 8 Years of Service
  • Regina Clinton; Student Accounts; Administrator; 1 Year of Service
  • Amy Donovan; IT; Administrator; 1 Year of Service
  • Jane Joyce; Human Resources; Administrator; 9 Years of Service
  • Deb Kocar; Admissions; Administrator; 14 Years of Service
  • Susan Loomis-Wing; Administration; Staff; 10 Years of Service
  • Jen Pappas; Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences; Staff; 6 Years of Service
  • Steven Shapiro; College of Liberal Arts; Administrator, 0.5 Year of Service
  • Sidney Trantham; Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences; Faculty; 8 Years of Service