Professional Development

The University, through the Office of Human Resources, provides financial assistance for professional development to all benefit eligible administrative, professional and staff employees and the Office of the Provost provides professional development funds for the faculty. There are opportunities for professional development across the university, including technical skills training, management, writing and literacy skills through the Division of Continuing Education. Faculty professional development is discussed in the Faculty Handbooks.

Beginning with New Employee Orientation at the start of employment, and continuing on a regular basis, sessions on discriminatory or sexual harassment and other legal compliance sessions, retirement planning, benefits presentations and other training or information opportunities are offered to employees. Selected topics for managers are offered on an ad hoc basis.

For professional development, Lesley offers the following opportunities:

  • Technology skills training, including Microsoft Office Suite training, is offered through eLearning and Instructional Support, either through regularly scheduled general sessions or by request, in small group special sessions. For current schedule check, Lesley News or the eLearning and Instructional Support .
  • Lesley University offers an outstanding benefit through our tuition remission program for individual courses and undergraduate or graduate degree programs. Lesley is nationally recognized for its strengths in education, counseling, and human services but there are other exciting opportunities that can be explored.
  • Workshops and seminars offered through the Division of Continuing Education are covered under the Tuition Remission program and offer a variety of sessions in the fields of writing and the arts, professional development, and thematic exploration.

Use the Professional Development Application Form (Dynamic Form) to request funding from Human Resources for benefits-eligible administrative, professional, and staff employees.