Community of Scholars: Call for Proposals

Community of Scholars Day

Wednesday, March 27, 2019
9:00 am – 7:00 pm

Proposal Submission Deadline: Extended to February 5, 2019
Submit here.

Community of Scholars Day 

Community of Scholars Day (COS) is an all-day event in which the impressive work that is currently being done at Lesley University is presented and celebrated. All members of our community—students, faculty, staff and alumni—are invited to submit a proposal to share your work.  Whether your passion is in the arts and sciences, art and design, education, mental health, business, leadership, adult learning, social justice and activism, or somewhere else, we welcome your contributions.

Conference Theme: Connections and Intersections

Because our world and work is too often defined by differences, we hope to showcase, instead, the points of connection and intersection found between and within us.

For some, this may mean an exploration of the interconnection between gender, racial, or other identities. For others, it may be a presentation on a topic that includes both a faculty and student perspective, or a collaboration that crosses schools or disciplines. All proposals will be considered, but priority will be given to interesting and innovative topics that feature a point of connection or intersection in either its topic or the composition of its presenting team.

We hope this theme will inspire you to seek the connections and intersections of your work and interests with others in the Lesley community. 

We look forward to your proposals and to our community-wide celebration of scholarship. Thank you in advance for helping us continue to showcase the talent in our Lesley Community, and for publishing your work on Digital Commons to share with students and scholars throughout the world.  

Proposal Submission Details

  • Project Formats

    Possible formats include:

    • Presentation: one or more presenters discussing work they created together or a topic they researched together.  It may be work that has been published or presented elsewhere, work that was created in a class, work that was created specifically for COS, a personal reflection, or account of a relevant issue, etc.
    • Panel: three or more presenters discussing work on related themes or topics
    • Non-paper based presentation: one or more presenters discussing a topic researched specifically
    • Poster: visual depiction of a topic or research project
    • Workshop: an interactive session designed to teach or explore a technique or skill
    • Artistic performance or installation: an expressive, theatrical, visual or musical piece for an audience


  • Submitting Your Proposal

    Submit your proposal here by January 31, 2019. You will be asked to provide: 

    A title (up to 12 words)

    A 150 - 250 word abstract. See the COS Library Subject Guide for writing tips

    A short (up to 80 words) description of your project for publication in the program and on the website.  Please include how your project is related to the theme of “Connections and Intersections.”

  • The Fine Print


    • Upon review of your proposal, you may be asked to present your material in a different format (e.g., a poster instead of a presentation) or for a different length of time than you had proposed.
    • Please be aware that no more than one individual presentation slot will be available to any accepted presenter. Please consider restructuring additional proposals to include other presenters. (Please note: exceptions will be made for PhD candidates who are meeting their public presentation requirements.)
    • The COS19 Planning Committee reserves the right to make non-substantive edits to the title, brief description and abstract to make corrections, enhance consistency of entries or accommodate space limitations.


Following a blind peer-review process of selection, you will receive an email response regarding your proposal by February 22, 2019.

Contact for more information.