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Violence Against Women Conference

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2018-11-09T13:00:00Z 2018-11-10T01:00:00Z UTC Violence Against Women Conference An interdisciplinary conference that will provide a platform for scholars, artists and community activists to explore the issue of violence against women on a global scale. ,

The Violence Against Women Conference is an interdisciplinary conference that will provide a platform for scholars, artists and community activists to explore the interplay between global representations of violence against women and historical and contemporary discourses.

The day-long event will be held at University Hall and the Lunder Art Center, and will be accompanied by an art exhibition. More information on registration, speakers and workshops will be available soon.

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Information for conference attendees: what to bring and where to park (PDF).

Schedule of Events

8:30-9am Light Refreshments
9-10:30am Keynote Address - Violence Against Women: Voices from the Field
10:45-11:45am Session I
12-1pm Session II
1-1:45pm Lunch & Poster Session
2-3pm Session III
3:15-4:30pm Session IV
5pm Staged Reading of In the Blood
7pm Closing Reception


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Session I
10:45-11:45 am

Breaking the Silence: Discussions about Disability, Sex, & Gender Identity - Room 2-078
Panel: Dr. Janet Sauer, Lesley University; Kirsten Bond, Lesley University; Cassidy Donahue, Lesley University; Molly Wolber, Lesley University; Hannah Hunter, Lesley University; Elizabeth Bellin, Lesley University; & Katherine Deluga, Lesley University

Gender Violence and Course & Curriculum Design: Performing a Feminist Pedagogy - Room 2-048
Workshop: Dr. Mariela Mendez, University of Richmond; Dr. Mari Lee Mifsud, University of Richmond; & Dr. Erika Zimmermann, University of Richmond

Still I Rise: A Reply to American Violence in the Writings of Contemporary Black Women Poets - Room 2-150 (Amphitheater)
Workshop: Professor Danielle Legros Georges, Lesley University; Boston Poet Laureate

Paper Session & Dialogue I - Room 4-030

The Maternal Frame & the Rise of the Counterpublic among Naga Women in India
Payel Gosh, Jadavpur University

Sexual Violence Against Women in an Armed Conflict
Nowsheen Altaf Dar, NIT Srinagar & Benish Mehraj, University of Kashmir; J&KRTI Movement

Paper session & Dialogue II – Room 3-085

Influence of Psychoanalytic Theories & Dance/Movement Therapy with Survivors of Domestic Violence
Genevieve Fuller, Lesley University

A Scholar’s Reflection on Intimate Partner Violence in the Cape Verdean Community
Dawna M. Thomas, Simmons University

Session II
12-1 pm

Films & Dialogue – Room 2-150 (Amphitheater)

Honour Deception
Aisha Gazdar, Films d’Art

Mukhtiar Mai: The Struggle for Justice
Beena Sarwar, Independent Journalist & Filmmaker

Trauma Talks: An Afternoon of Arts-based Healing - Room 3-102
Workshop: Katya Zinn, Lesley University

Dialogue Between Scholars, Practitioners, & Artists – Integrating Research, Practice, & Art to Address Violence Against Women - Room 2-078
Workshop: Catriona Baker, Lesley University; Nancy Beardall, Lesley University; Michelle Napoli, Lesley University; Clara Ronderos, Lesley University

Honor Killings: For Honor or other Motives? - Room 3-085
Paper Session: Saima Jafri, University of Sindh – Jamshoro, Pakistan

ICE Enforcement & Domestic Violence: Collaborations & Complexities - Room 4-030
Policy & Practice Session: Marya Stefania Arteaga, Comunidad Colectiva

A Space to Speak - Room 2-048
Performance: Gabrielle Arias, Christina Dennis, Stephenie Loo, Amy Larson McGuirk, Kathleen Moye, Chelsey O’Connor, Anna Rich, & Molly Weinberg, Lesley University; Jason Butler, Ph.D., LCAT, RDT-BCT; Lesley University

Lunch Break
1 pm – 1:45 pm

During the 1-1:45 pm period, conference participants are invited to visit the poster session organized by Dr. Kimberly Lowe Frank and students in a First Year Seminar focused on Genocide & the International Community. Location: 2nd floor Atrium

Session III
2-3 pm

Performance & Art Room 2-078

Re-claiming the Patriarchal Narrative: Using Auto-ethnographic Performance Art as Psycho-social Commentary on Women’s Sexuality & Mental Health
Angelica Pinna-Perez, Lesley University; & Becca Bernard, independent artist

Luna morada/Black Moon
Tina Escaja, University of Vermont

Sahiyo Stories | Room 2-150 (Amphitheater)
Film: Mariya Taher, co-founder, Sahiyo

Creating Rituals of Healing Following Experiences of Abuse or Abortion | Room 3-085
Workshop: Susan Chorley, Exhale

Vision Boards: Redefining Your Journey through Visualization | Room 4-030
Workshop: Laura Marotta, Massachusetts Art Education Association (MAEA), President; & Eleena Rioux, Massachusetts Art Education Association (MAEA), Exhibitions

Ma Tallepo ‘Opu Ma ‘Akkala Kennetto – We Are Waking Up Our Story Together: Arts-Based Indigenous Methodology - Room 3-090
Workshop: Michelle Napoli, Lesley University

Paper Session & Dialogue - Room 2-048

Rape as an Act of Genocide: History & Law
Kimberly Lowe Frank, Lesley University

From Ethical Distance to Empathetic Proximity: Gendered Representations of Femicide in Narratives of the Mexican-U.S. Border
Michael Martinez-Raguso, Colby College

The “Pedagogy of Cruelty” in the “Putero” Narrative
Águeda Gómez Suárez, University of Vigo

Session IV
3:15-4:30 pm

First Year Seminar: Research, Interpretation, and Action - Room 2-150 (Amphitheater)
Panel: Sonia Perez Villanueva, Lisa Fiore, & undergraduate students, Lesley University

Violence Towards Women by Women: An Intergenerational Perspective - Room 2-048
Workshop: Eleanor Roffman, Lesley University; Bri Crocker, Justice Resource Institute & Celia Castro, The Home for Little Wanderers

Panel session & Dialogue – Room 2-078

The Constituent Women of Violence against Women
Wilmer Morales, Lesley University; Jocelyn Martinez, Lesley University; & Samantha Amaro, Lesley University

Workshop session & Dialogue – Room 4-030

Teen Dating Violence
Janessa Rivera, R.E.B.I.R.T.H. Journey, LLC

Violence Against Women: Unrecognized Prevention Opportunities
Ronald Goldman, Early Trauma Prevention Center

Paper session & Dialogue – Room 3-085

Ownership & Violence Against Women of Color Reflected through the Lens of Anglo-Saxon Theology
Jennifer Herring, Lesley University & Luraine Kimmerle, Boston College

Demanding Accountability in Domestic Violence Courts
Johnna Pike, Newbury College

Staged Reading of In The Blood: 5pm - Room 2-150 (Amphitheater)
Suzan-Lori Parks


For more information, contact:

Lisa Fiore

Sonia Perez Villanueva

Meenakshi Chhabra


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