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Violence Against Women call for proposals

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2018-01-31T18:30:00Z 2018-05-31T03:59:00Z UTC Violence Against Women Call for Proposals Submit a proposal on the interpretations, representations or issues relating to violence against women for the November conference. ,
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Call for Abstracts for Violence Against Women Conference

Proposals due: May 30
Conference and exhibition: Nov. 8, 9

The representation of suffering is gender biased. Cultural representations of violence against women are mystified, eroticized and depicted as heroic, camouflaging and trivializing the act of violence as a norm in society. Women must bear suffering with beauty and grace, and the shock of violence is made invisible. Violence Against Women: Representations, Interpretations, Explorations, and Education, an exhibition and conference, brings this critical discussion to the forefront. Acts of violence against women are gaining more attention in the media because women are finding the courage to speak up against their perpetrators. There is an urgent need to support these voices by educating our communities and acting in the face of the numbness that comes from media saturation and the unwillingness of those in power to act. This conference aims to bring a collective and interdisciplinary action to this global epidemic.

We are seeking conference proposals which will:

  1. Explore representations of violence against women. The conference defines “women” in broad and inclusive terms, and encourages submissions that explore issues regarding non-binary, trans, gender queer, femmes, etc.
  2. Examine the historical and contemporary interpretations and discourses of violence against women
  3. Enhance, educate, and engage in collaborative action to address issues relating to violence against women

We invite abstracts from:

  1. Artists/Performers
  2. Scholars
  3. Teachers/Educators
  4. Activists/Community organizers
  5. Policy makers/Legal professionals

Submissions can include:

  1. Papers
  2. Workshops
  3. Visual/Mixed-media presentations
  4. Performances
  5. Curriculum/Lesson plans/ Toolkits

The deadline to submit abstracts is May 30. To submit your abstract, please click here. Authors are invited to submit an abstract of no longer than 500 words.

Organized by Violence Against Women Initiative