Directory of Services

Directory of Services

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The Threshold Program is a non-degree post-secondary program for young adults with diverse learning, developmental, and intellectual disabilities. Our faculty and staff provide student support in dorm living, mentoring and counseling, student activities, career training, and independent living skills.

We serve as a hub of support for students who have transferred into Lesley from other colleges or universities. The transition to Lesley can be both exciting and uncertain. We provide resources for and assistance with any questions, concerns, or needs that arise at any point from acceptance to Lesley through to graduation.

Undergraduate Admissions assists you with applying to Lesley's undergraduate programs.

Before you can take advantage of our 35+ undergraduate programs, you’ll need to apply. Our application requirements differ depending on the academic program and where you are in your student journey. So, choose the type of student you'll be—first-yeartransfer, or adult learner—and what you plan to study to get your specific program's application requirements.

Undergraduate advising at Lesley Art + Design oversees advising and mentoring programs. We represent and assist you on all Lesley Art + Design academic matters. We support and advocate to maximize your educational experience.

Undergraduate Student Health Services is a full-service on-campus medical office. Our mission is to foster the academic success and social growth of Lesley students by supporting their health and well-being. We are committed to easy, equitable access to care and to promoting a safe and healthy campus community.