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Mindfulness Studies

Master of Arts (MA), low-residency graduate program

Discover the transformative power of the mind.

Cultivate your innate capacity for compassion and insight through rigorous training in mindfulness theory and practice. Prepare to bring mindfulness into a variety of fields, including healthcare, education, business, leadership, and more.

Our Master of Arts in Mindfulness program—first of its kind in North America—is designed for students who wish to enrich their professional and personal lives and the lives of others by being mindful citizens and service providers. Our program combines academic rigor with an emphasis on social engagement, leadership, and multiculturalism.

Immerse yourself in the mindfulness movement that is beginning to make a significant impact on the western world. Research studies in contemplative neuroscience demonstrate that mindfulness practice promotes sustained attention, emotional regulation, memory, empathy, and more. The practice is applicable in virtually any field of human endeavor, and is increasingly incorporated into professional coaching, law enforcement, and sports training. From healthcare to business and social services, the uses for mindfulness are profound and wide reaching.

Program Structure

2-Year, Full-Time, Low-Residency Program

36 Credits
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Low-Residency Model

Participate in a 7-day summer residency on Lesley University’s Cambridge, Massachusetts campus. Meet with your faculty advisor, conduct research, network with peers, and attend workshops. You’ll also gain experience in integrating mindfulness principles into community settings through a semester of field work. During Fall and Spring semesters you’ll take online courses, connecting with faculty and peers from your home community.

At this time, residents of Georgia, Kentucky, Nevada, North Carolina, and Oregon are not eligible to enroll in our low-residency Mindfulness Studies master's degree program. All others may apply.

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Meditation Retreat

As part of the program, embark on a 5- to 8-day silent retreat to deepen your practice of meditation. Reflect critically upon mindfulness teachings and synthesize them with the development of your own mindfulness practice for the betterment of yourself and others.

“This was the missing link that I was looking for in my professional and personal life. I’m learning how to mindfully be with what comes up in everyday life.”
Elaine Loiacono ’16, Owner/Instructor Yoga Studio, Mansfield, MA, Master of Arts in Mindfulness Studies
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Interdisciplinary Faculty

Our faculty bring varied expertise in the teaching of mindfulness and mindfulness-based stress reduction; Buddhist studies, including ethics; leadership and social change; contemplative neuroscience, mindfulness in education, qi gong, graduate writing, and more.

The mindfulness master's program has been quite rigorous. I'm pleased with the challenges it poses and excited about where it is taking me.
Timothy Walsh ’17, Wellness Teacher, Needham High School


Total approximate cost for this master's degree program.
Mindfulness Studies
  • Tuition
    $975/credit x 36
  • Fees
    Residency Fee
    Registration Fee
    Materials Fee
    Degree Completion Fee
  • Total
Estimated Cost

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Tuition and fees are subject to change each year, effective June 1.

Our Mindfulness Studies programs require students to attend a 5- to 8-day meditation retreat. The fee for this retreat varies, depending on the location and number of days, but is typically $750–$1,000. This fee would be in addition to the tuition and fees listed above.

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Total approximate cost for this master's degree program. Tuition and fees are for the 2017-2018 academic year.
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