Counseling & Psychology

Counseling Psychology: School Counseling

Master of Arts (MA), full-time or part-time graduate program

Encourage, challenge, and support students and their families.

Today, children and young adults face increasing pressure to meet new standards and demands. By training to become a school guidance counselor, you can play a critical role in helping students to achieve their highest potential. At Lesley, you’ll learn to thrive in a fast-paced environment and to coordinate your efforts with teachers, administrators, and parents. And, you’ll become eligible for Massachusetts school counselor licensure (grades PreK-8 or 5–12).

Combine mental health counseling with your desire to work with multiple age groups in educational settings. Work with children and adolescents, as well as their families, to build an environment of respect, cooperation, and support. As a school counselor, you’ll do all you can to help students reach their academic and personal goals.

Benefit from our ongoing partnerships with public schools in the Boston area, and also from our reputation among principals and districts as New England’s largest and most respected provider of teacher education. During a required yearlong internship in an educational setting, begin to promote growth, healing, and social change in schools.

Your education will integrate mind-body behavioral health, trauma studies, and social justice advocacy—so you’ll be prepared to counsel students from the basis of the whole person. With support at every step, you’ll qualify for your school counseling license, and master the skills to push young people toward success, both in the classroom and in life.

Program Structure

2-Year, On-Campus Program

48 Credits
“Principals and guidance counselors trust that our graduate students are well prepared to lead group sessions and help their guidance staff provide psychosocial support to their students.”
Dalia Llera, Professor, Counseling & Psychology
man walking in harvard square, cambridge

Cambridge, MA

A nexus for higher education and mental health counseling practice and research, each year 250,000 students arrive to Cambridge from around the globe. The intellectual and cultural capital runs deep, and so do your opportunities addressing barriers to wellness. From Lesley’s location, access innovative community, hospital, and school-based mental health programs.

faculty donna san antono
Counseling & Psychology
Donna San Antonio
In addition to her ongoing interest in adventure therapy, Donna San Antonio investigates how schools can best support students through development transitions, from early childhood to emerging adulthood. Her most recent articles examine topics ranging from best practices for collaborative consultation, immigration and Americanization in urban schools, and the mental health landscape for emerging adults in rural areas.
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Counseling Psychology: School Counseling
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