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Fall 2022: Valeria Luiselli

headshot of author valeria luiselli
Image credit: Diego Berruecos Gatopardo

Lesley University selects Valeria Luiselli’s Tell Me How It Ends: An Essay in Forty Questions for this year’s campus-wide text for all incoming first-year students as part of its CLAS Reads initiative. Luiselli skillfully and compassionately explores how the migratory experience helps to define life in twenty-first century in the United States. The author’s previous two novels and her other essay collection focus on themes of belonging, national identity, and dislocation, all of which are present in Tell Me How It Ends. Her work emphasizes the stark reality faced by children fleeing terror back home in Central America as they attempt to cross the border into the United States.

Luiselli worked as an interpreter for Citizenship and Immigration Services, posing a deceptively simple set of questions to hundreds of children, ranging in age from kindergarten to high school. The author elegantly expresses the inchoate shame and rage felt by many Americans who experience firsthand the ever-widening gap between the principles and practices of a supposedly welcoming nation. She links her own story of migration with those of the children she interviews, adding depth and warmth to highlight the hope that each immigrant brings as they cross the border.

Anyone with a Lesley University email address can access the CLAS Reads book electronically.

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