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Paul Naso

Assistant Professor, PhD Co-Chair

Paul Naso

Now teaching in and co-chairing the PhD in Educational Studies programs, Paul has extensive experience in public schools as a teacher, curriculum coordinator, principal, and assistant superintendent. His teaching assignments have been at the elementary, secondary, and graduate level. His consulting work has included mentoring and coaching of elementary school principals, facilitating collaborative action research, and making presentations on writing instruction, curriculum leadership, and student motivation.


BS, University of Scranton
MPH, Newton College
CAS, Harvard University
EdD, Harvard University

Selected Publications

Naso, P. A. (2013). The virtue of not having to know more than others. In W. Shorr, S. Hoidn, C. Lowry, & E. Cavicchi (Eds.), Always wondering...: A melange of Eleanor Duckworth and critical exploration. Cambridge, MA: Critical Exploration Press. 210-213.

Naso, P. (2011, March) Selecting a Principal: Keep it Complicated. Kappan, 92(6)

Naso, P (2005). Principal3: Creating Conditions for Collaborative School Leadership. Perspectives, Quarterly Publication of Massachusetts Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

Naso, P. (1999) Superintendents: Principals' Teachers? In S. Boris-Schacter (Ed.), The Changing Relationship Between Principal and Superintendent. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass

Cazden, C., Diamondstone, J., and Naso, P (1989). Teachers and Researchers: Roles and Relationships. The Quarterly of The National Writing Project and The Center for the Study of Writing.

Broderick, M., Chazan, D.I, Lawrence, S.M., Naso, P.A., and Starnes, B.A. (Eds.) (1988). For Teachers About Teaching. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Educational Review

PhD in Educational Studies Programs

Selected Presentations

Naso, P. (2013, November 19). Growing Teacher Leaders: Strategies for Collective and Distributed Leadership [Webinar]. In U. S. Department of Education's School Turnaround Learning Community Webinar Series.