Laura Schall-Leckrone

Associate Professor

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Laura Schall-Leckrone teaches in the graduate Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and English Language Learners (TESOL/ELL) programs at Lesley. Prior to completing her doctorate, she worked for seventeen years as a bilingual teacher, Spanish teacher, and K-12 curriculum director in urban and suburban public school settings. Her teaching and research center on the preparation of teachers to teach linguistically diverse youth and pedagogy that promotes disciplinary and critical literacies.

Laura is currently engaged in collaborative classroom-based research with high school history teachers aimed at teaching adolescent bilingual learners literacy skills of civic engagement, such as telling a compelling story, explaining phenomena, and advancing an argument.

Laura was one of the speakers at a 2018 Lesley-hosted dual-language conference sponsored by the Multistate Association for Bilingual Educators, with colleagues Meg Burns and Amanda Wager. Read more.


BA, Swarthmore College
MAT, School for International Training
PhD, Boston College

Selected Publications

  • Schall-Leckrone, L. & Barron, D. (2018). Apprenticing students and teachers into historical content, language, and thinking through genre pedagogy. In De Oliveira, L.C. & Obenchain, K. (Eds.) Teaching social studies to English language learners: Preparing pre-service and inservice teachers. Basingstoke, United Kingdom: Palgrave, Macmillan.
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  • Schall-Leckrone, L. & O’Connor, K. (2012). Fostering Content-Based Instruction through Collaboration. Invited article. TESOL Connections. August.

Selected Presentations

  • Schall-Leckrone, L. & Burns, M. (2018). From border-crossing to critical consciousness: A continuum of culturally responsive dispositions in preservice teachers. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Conference in New York City, NY, April 16
  • Schall-Leckrone, L.  & Barron, D.S. (2018). Re-imagining history: Preparing teachers to teach critical literacy skills of civic engagement to bilingual learners through genre pedagogy, Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Conference in New York City, NY, April 13.
  • Schall-Leckrone, L. & Barron, D. (2016). Leveraging literacy for social transformation: Using genre pedagogy to equip culturally and linguistically diverse adolescents to write historical explanations.  Paper presented at the Literacy Research Association Conference. Nashville, TN. November 30.
  • Schall-Leckrone, L. & Merrill, K. (2016). Rethinking read-alouds for English learners: Teaching language during strategy instruction. Workshop presented at the Literacy for All Conference. Providence, RI. October.
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  • Madigan Peercy, M, Sharkey, J., Schall-Leckrone, L. & Racines, D. (2016). Using Self-Study to Advance Research in TESOL Teacher Education. TEIS/AERA intersession panel. Paper presented at TESOL Convention. Baltimore, MD, April 7.
  • Schall-Leckrone, L, Lira, S, Homza, A., Dávila, S. & Bruzzese, C. (2015). RETELL Roundtable: District and higher education efforts to prepare SEI teachers. Presented at the Massachusetts Association of Teachers of Speakers of Other Languages (MATSOL) Conference. May 8th.
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