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Internships & Field Placement

Undergraduate Internships

Internships and field experience are the hallmark of a Lesley education. In fact, every program here combines rigorous study with opportunities for you to apply classroom knowledge to real-world professional practice.

These hands-on experiences often begin as early as your first year, helping you to affirm (or sometimes reconsider) your career aspirations. As you build knowledge and skills, your experiences in the field will intensify, leading to more responsibility and increased professional development.

While internship and field placement opportunities vary by chosen major or program, you’re likely to graduate with over 300 hours of experience, building both your resume and professional contacts.

From our Cambridge location, you’ll gain access to competitive opportunities.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Students

Our Internship Office, located at 29 Mellen Street on Doble Campus, is dedicated to assisting and supporting you in securing internship placements and ensuring that you have the best possible experience.

Our internship coordinators will work with you to improve your interviewing techniques, sharpen your résumé writing skills, and direct you to the internship opportunities that match your interests and professional goals.

Internship opportunities are available during your sophomore, junior, and senior years. Schedule a meeting with an internship coordinator to get started.

  • Education Majors

    Our Field Placement Office, located at 27 Mellen Street on Doble Campus, will work with you to plan and implement both of your student teaching experiences, called the pre-practicum and practicum. We can also help you pinpoint your specific classroom preferences and curriculum interests, and we’re available to support you throughout your classroom experiences.

    During your initial field experiences, Field Liaisons will provide you and your mentor teacher with support and guidance throughout the semester. During your senior student teaching experience, Education Program Supervisors will supervise your classroom teaching practice, and a weekly reflective seminar will be incorporated into your program.

    Your initial pre-practicum field experiences are integrated into your education coursework. Your professors and the Field Placement Office work collaboratively to support you as you develop your emerging teaching practice.

  • Contact Information
    • Janice Wall
      Director of Internship Office
    • Daniel Walker
      Assistant Director of Internship Office
    • Cheryl Haberman
      Director, Field Placement Office
    • Mark Donohue
      Administrative Coordinator, Education Department Field Placement Office

College of Art and Design Students

Lesley’s College of Art and Design is one of the few art and design institutions that requires professional learning experiences in the field.

Internships (completed in the junior or senior year) are a critical part of the academic experience for students in all studio majors. Internships immerse you into the working world of the professional artist. Experiential learning of this type sharpens your technical skills, and affords you the opportunity to further develop your final portfolio. Internships can also lead to permanent positions and professional connections.

  • Internship Seminar

    All College of Art and Design students are required to take an internship seminar class simultaneously or prior to the experiential learning experience. The course covers career research resources, networking skills, resume and cover letters, and more. Our goal is to help you identify and pursue high quality, meaningful, and satisfying professional opportunities, now and after graduation.

  • Getting Started

    You should start thinking about potential sites during your sophomore year. You’ll choose your site placement with a faculty member in the internship seminar class. Internship placements can be local, national, or international. Your internship should last one semester or longer, and can be fulfilled during fall, summer, or spring semesters.

  • Contact Information

Graduate Field Placement

Graduate School of Education Students

The Field Placement Office at the Graduate School of Education assists educator candidates in identifying and securing early field experiences and practicum placements in order to complete their educational licensure program.

Explore field placement opportunities and support.

Graduate School of Arts & Social Sciences Students

At the Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences, we are committed to helping students succeed by gaining the necessary practical experience in their respective fields. We work with students in the Counseling and Psychology and Expressive Therapies programs to find field placement sites that are right for them.

Explore field placement opportunities and support.