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Off-Campus Instructional Travel Policy

This is a summary of Lesley University's Travel Policy for faculty teaching in our Off-Campus Programs.

  • Reimbursements

    Submit expenses for reimbursement within 30 days of completion of the course. Use the Expense Voucher Form (Excel). Original receipts are required for all expenses, with the exception of car mileage and per diems.

    If you don’t provide receipts, Lesley's reimbursement for expenses is limited to $25. In addition to original receipts, include copies of verification of source of payment (e.g., back and front of cancelled checks, credit card receipts).

    Effective July 1, 2016, all reimbursements must be received within 60 days of the date the expense was incurred. If the expenses are received after the 60-day deadline, the reimbursement will be returned with a reminder explaining why it was not processed.

  • Air, Hotel, and Car Rental


    Log onto Lesley’s travel agent Egencia to book air, hotel, and car reservations using the Lesley online booking tool. Book as far in advance as possible and reserve all trips to the same destination at the same time. If you don’t have an Egencia account, contact your Program Scheduler.

    Reminder: Make reservations only Monday through Thursday during business hours 8:00 am–4:00 pm, and Friday 8:00 am­–1:00 pm Eastern Time.

    This is because airline policies mandate cancellation of all booking requests at the 24-hour mark if the reservations haven’t been finalized by a travel agency. If this happens, the airlines do not notify Egencia or the traveler of the cancellation.

    Be sure you receive a confirmation for each transaction and that you check all confirmations for accuracy immediately upon receipt. Contact the agency if there is any question of error.

    All charges are directly billed to Lesley University unless specified in this document, and you won’t be reimbursed for airline tickets, hotel, or rental cars, except in cases where direct billing is not available. In such cases, you must provide an original detailed receipt for reimbursement with an explanation of the situation.

    For emergencies outside of business hours, call 800.401.2932 to make alternate arrangements. Keep and travel with your course confirmation sheet with contact information for your Program Scheduler, Cohort Liaison, and Tech & Operations Coordinator. Travelers should contact their Program Scheduler and Cohort Liaison to notify them of changes to travel itinerary due to inclement weather or mechanical problems.

    Lesley University’s policy requires employees to accept the least expensive comparable and reasonable flight. Frequent flyer memberships must not influence flight selection that would result in booking a flight that is not the lowest price available.

    If a traveler does not select the lowest reasonable fare and the increased cost of the flight is $100 or more, Egencia is required to contact Lesley to get Program Director approval. Travelers are responsible for the costs associated with changing tickets for personal convenience.

    Do not purchase flight insurance or car insurance.

    Car Rentals

    For car rentals, it is expected that compact or the next available size cars are adequate for business needs. Lesley has direct-bill accounts with Avis, Hertz, Enterprise and National. If you book with another car rental company, you’ll have to pay for the car rental and then submit receipt for reimbursement. Refuel your rental car before returning it; failure to do so will result in deductions made from your reimbursement.

    You should not accept any special offers from car rental agencies for not refueling as it is against Lesley policy.

    Adjuncts not requiring air travel are approved to rent cars if they live more than 150 miles from the site. At the time of the rental, inspect the car with the rental car company representative, if available, and note any damage on the contract before you accept the vehicle.

    When the car is returned, inspect the car with the rental car company representative, if available, to make sure the car was returned in the same condition in which it was received.

    Rental Car Accidents

    Should a rental car accident occur, submit a written accident report to the rental car company, local authorities, Program Scheduler and Lesley’s CFO’s office. Individuals choosing to retain the rental car for personal travel must return the rental car at the end of the teaching assignment and negotiate a separate contract with the rental agency for continued use under their own name.

    Do not purchase additional car insurance. The university does not pay for the rental of children's car seats or for additional drivers, unless the other driver is a Lesley employee. Rental cars are not to be used for any personal travel.

    Car Mileage

    Travelers will be reimbursed for business usage of personal cars. Effective January 2017 the mileage reimbursement rate will be $.53.5 per mile. Mileage reimbursements are limited to 600 miles per weekend. Employees will not be reimbursed for their daily commute.

    Leisure Travel

    Travelers can take advantage of special discounts with Avis by entering the Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) number A846190. For further information visit the Avis Special Services page.


    Overnight lodging is provided for Friday and Saturday nights when the destination is 50 miles or greater from the faculty member's residence. The number of approved nights is listed on your assignment confirmation sheet.

    Additional nights require a program director's prior approval and documentation of the reason. Lesley doesn’t authorize reimbursement for lodgings within the general area of one's residence, and it may be considered personal income as defined by the IRS regulations and be subject to income tax.

    If you are authorized for lodging, make your arrangements through Egencia. The hotel will be direct billed to Lesley if the hotel rate is listed with an “Egencia” rate or an “Expedia” rate.

    If the hotel rate is listed as “Published” or “Negotiated” you’ll need to pay for the room with a personal credit card and then submit the expense for reimbursement, providing an original detailed receipt. Only the room rate and taxes are reimbursed. Notify your Program Scheduler if you need to be reimbursed for accommodations.


    Egencia will provide you with a full itinerary containing any reservations made for air, hotel, and car rental. Keep your Egencia itinerary with you when you travel.

  • Meals and Other Expenses


    In accordance with IRS regulations, Lesley’s overnight per diem allowance is $39 for each night of lodging and $29.25 on the day of checkout. No lodgings are authorized for under 50 miles of travel, and there is no per diem without lodgings.

    Student Supplies

    Faculty are reimbursed for course-related supplies that directly benefit the students up to a maximum of $9/ student per course for non-computer courses. Exceptions are:

    • EEDUC 5104, EEDUC 6011, and EEDUC 6032: $100 per course
    • EARED 6100 and EARTS 6104: $20 per student
    • All computer courses: $10 per student 


    Business calls are reimbursed, as well as one telephone call of reasonable length home per day.

  • Exclusions

    Lesley won’t reimburse expenses for alcohol, hotel laundry, restaurant charges, health club fees, movies, flight insurance, or car rental mileage. There is no reimbursement for magazine or internet subscriptions, computer equipment, or software. 

    Situations Requirement Program Director Approval

    • Extra nights' lodging.

    • Car rental upgrades, or car rentals not associated with air travel.

    • Early air departure on Sunday nights that would necessitate leaving class early.

    • Anything outside of the policies outlined. You must contact your Program Scheduler to inform them of any such changes.
Contact Accounts Payable or Procurement with any questions.