StoriesRuiming Huang ’17

Mother, Teacher, and Adult Learner Finds Recognition at Lesley

Ruiming, a graduate of Lesley's early childhood program at Bunker Hill Community College and the founder of an after-school program, gained recognition for her work through scholarship funding.

Ruiming Huang

Ruiming came to Lesley through the Bunker Hill Community College program where she was studying general education. Going to Lesley helped develop her interest in early childhood learning and raised her confidence as she worked to expand the after-school program she started in Winchester.

“The courses at Lesley were so helpful. I share everything I learn at Lesley with my fellow teachers,” says Ruiming.

The personalized support and encouragement she received at Lesley helped her manage the challenges of juggling work, family, and pursuing her studies while improving her English through the tutoring center. Through the generosity of a donor, scholarship funding helped offset Ruiming’s educational expenses.

“Getting a scholarship relieved the financial burden on my family and was recognition of my hard work—it was really important to me," she says.