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StoriesMelanie Nelson ’18

Overcoming Uncertainty

For Business Management major Melanie, an unexpected scholarship made continuing her Lesley education possible.

Melanie Nelson in the Lesley student center

A granddaughter of a Lesley alumna, Melanie is working towards a career in radio and serves as a peer advisor to fellow Lesley students.

“Joining peer advising helped me find a place here. I got to help other students and be part of a team,” she says.

Like many students at Lesley, Melanie experienced uncertainty when her family went through an unexpected financial challenge. “This semester starting off was a really big struggle for me," says Melanie. "We’d missed the deadlines for the federal aid and I was really worried that I wasn’t going to be able to afford my tuition.”

Melanie was awarded the Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship and it made all the difference.

“Without it, I wouldn’t be here this semester," she says. "That was the best phone call I’ve ever received.”