NewsDec 11, 2018

Six tips for managing student stress

Students weigh in on what works for a successful and low-stress finals season

Student studying with computer and book and iPhone

The holidays are full of joy, but they can also be stressful with the end of the semester approaching. We asked the Lesley community for some of their best tips and tricks for how to minimize stress and decompress during finals.

1. Rest Your Body

You can easily get exhausted if you’re not sleeping enough every night. Overworking yourself without properly resting your body and mind is a recipe for disaster. You need to be rested in order to function well, so make those hours of sleep a priority. The better you rest, the better you test.

2. Manage Your Time

Procrastination is easy, but you will be thanking your future self when you effectively manage your time. Make a schedule and a to-do list, and start working on things one at a time. You’ll feel an unmatched sense of satisfaction crossing off your items. And don’t forget to take a moment to realize this is the end of just one semester in your entire college career. You got this!

3. Utilize Your Resources

Lesley has many available resources to help students with managing academics and stress. Check out the Center for Academic Achievement for tutoring and support with your school work. At the Counseling Center, you can make an appointment to talk or just drop in to see Tally the therapy dog for a few minutes. Some puppy love can do you good. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your professors and faculty with any questions or concerns you may have – they are here for you.

4. Study Well

Using effective strategies for studying is important! Everyone’s learning style is different, so it is necessary to find what works best for you. Flash cards, review videos, study groups, writing down the material – whatever is best suited for your learning style. Remember that learning should be enjoyable and working smarter is beneficial to your overall well-being.

5. Take a Break

Studying for too long can actually be a bad thing. Be sure to keep your mind fresh and take breaks when you need them. Going on a walk can be helpful – a quick 10-minute stroll can clear your mind and immerse you into a different environment for a bit. If it’s easier to stay put, try listening to your favorite music or talking to a loved one to let your mind escape for a little – it will help you stay on task and accomplish your goals.

6. Treat Yo Self

When you meet your established goals, you should reward yourself for the work you put in. Maybe it’s treating yourself to a nice latte or an episode of your favorite Netflix series – you deserve it after all of your effort. Having an end goal and reward in mind can help motivate you to accomplish your tasks to enjoy a nice treat at the end of it all.