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What do we do?
  • Elementary Education
  • Mathematics in Education
  • Teacher Residencies
When are we available?

Monday–Friday, 9:00 am–5:00 pm

Where can you find us?
Why would you contact us?

The Elementary Education program provides the knowledge, skills, experiences, and support needed to become effective licensed teachers in 21st-century schools, grades 1-6. The program incorporates Lesley's commitment to culturally responsive teaching, equity, the arts, inclusive classrooms, differentiated instruction, interdisciplinary teaching, a focus on common-core standards, and the integration of theory with practice. Teacher Candidates build deep relationships with schools as they practice teaching in a variety of settings through coursework, Pre-Practicum, and Practicum.

The Mathematics in Education Online Program provides the opportunity for teachers (grades 1-8) to explore content-based mathematics through an online format. The program is designed to connect deep content knowledge to classroom practice and the student's understanding of mathematics. The online program reaches groups of teachers and provides interactive models of instruction that include discussions, multi-layered activities, and inquiry-based collaborative learning as well as engaging teachers to look deeply into the thinking of their students' diversity to ensure that all children succeed mathematically.

Advanced Professional Certificate (APC) in Mathematics is an opportunity to gain deep content and pedagogy courses that will enrich your understanding of mathematics and mathematics teaching. Choose from among elective courses highlighting numbers, algebra, geometry, probability, statistics, and calculus. In certain states, this program meets endorsement/second license requirements.

How do you contact us?

Email Rita A. Gordon at Also accessible via Zoom when requested.

Phone: 617.349.8642

How do I choose a program of study to be best qualified and marketable as an educator?

The Elementary Education Urban Initiative Program includes a year-long residency with school district partners. Upon completion of the program of study, candidates are endorsed for Elementary (1-6) Initial License, with preparation to add the English as A Second Language (Pre-K-6) license, and an additional option to obtain the Bilingual Endorsement.

What is the path to licensure for seeking a career change to education?

Career changers holding a Master's degree may complete a program of study that is Licensure Only Elementary (1-6).

How can I advance from para-professional to professional educator?

Applicants who have worked in schools or who are currently working in classrooms will receive advice on application, coursework requirements, and while maintaining employment at the school where currently employed.

What programs are in place for students seeking a year-long field-based experience leading to initial licensure?

Year-long residency placements are available in districts in the greater Boston area.

How long does the program typically take to complete?

Most students take two courses per semester to include the Summer Term and finish in about 2 years but can take more course to finish in a year, or fewer course to allow for more time.

Can I transfer prior credits from another university?

One may transfer up to 6 credits from an appropriate institution. They must be graduate-level and relevant to the program of study.