What do we do?

This Elementary Education Program provides participants with the knowledge, skills, experiences, and supports needed to become effective, licensed teachers in 21st century schools. The program incorporates Lesley's commitment to culturally responsive teaching, equity, inclusive classrooms, ESL competencies, differentiated instruction, interdisciplinary teaching, a focus on common-core standards, and the integration of theory with practice.

This program is designed to show you how to inspire students, use research-based practices current digital literacy technologies, and gain content knowledge that aligns with the Massachusetts Professional Standards for Teachers, Teacher candidates build deep relationships with schools as they practice teaching in a variety of settings through coursework, early field experience, and practicum. Teacher candidates are eligible to apply for paid school-based internships or teacher residency opportunities. The pathway to licensure is fully supported through ongoing advising, and a wide-range of content and state testing supports.  This program leads to an initial teacher license in elementary education (1-6) or licensure only: elementary education (1-6)

When are we available?

Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Why would you contact us?
  • For those seeking a career in education, many avenues lead to the Elementary Program at the Graduate School of Education
  • Students who seek a blend of theory and practice often enhanced with an array of in school programs such as internships and field experiences leading to licensure
  • Career changers have historically sought out the elementary program at Lesley, as have para-professionals or teacher aides who, in many cases, work under the direction of a Lesley graduate
  • The pathway to licensure is fully supported through ongoing advising and a wide range of content and state testing supports
  • The program features an array of course times and formats - weekdays 4:00pm-6:30pm or 7:00pm-9:30pm, on weekends.  The program is also located in an area convenient to public transportation, academic enrichment, and cultural opportunity
  • Candidates build deep relationships with schools as they practice teaching in a variety of setting throughout coursework, early field experience, and the practicum which often lead to job opportunities
  • Teacher candidates are eligible to apply for paid school based internships or teacher residency opportunities
  • Opportunity to seek initial license endorsement with preparation to add English as a Second License with an option to add the Bilingual Endorsement
How do you contact us?

Rita A, Gordon, Director, Elementary Education Program: rgordon3@lesley.edu

Virtual meetings are available by request via BlackBoard Collaborate, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom.

How do I choose a program of study to be best qualified and marketable as an educator?

The Elementary Education Urban Initiative Program includes a year-long residency with school district partners. Upon complete of the program of study, candidates are endorsed for Elementary (1-6) Initial License, with preparation to add the English as A Second Language (Pre-K-6) license, and an additional option to obtain the Bilingual Endorsement.

What is the path to licensure for seeking a career change to education?

Career changers holding a Master's degree may complete a program of study that is Licensure Only Elementary (1-6).

How can I advance from para-professional to professional educator?

Applicants who have worked in schools or who are currently working in classrooms will receive advise on application, coursework requirements, and while maintaining employment at the school where currently employed.

What programs are in place for students seeking a year-long field based experience leading to initial licensure?

Year-long residency placements are available in districts in the greater Boston area.

How long does the program typically take to complete?

Most students take two courses per semester to include the Summer Term and finish in about 2 years, but can take more course to finish in a year, or fewer course to allow for more time.

Can I transfer prior credits from another university?

One may transfer up to 6 credits from an appropriate institution.They must be graduate level and relevant to the program of study."