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Access Electronic Accounts

Access Electronic Accounts

Your electronic accounts are the gateway to the academic and administrative information you'll need as a student at Lesley. Before you're able to log in, you must claim your Lesley account, add recovery information, and create a password. If you've already done this, you can begin using your electronic accounts right away.

Step 1: Claim Your Account

Follow the instructions outlined here.

Step 2: Access Your Main Accounts

Once you claim your account, you can now log into your Lesley electronic accounts using your Lelsey username and password. At Lesley, we use a process called Single Sign-On (SSO). Single sign-on means you don't have to sign in to every Lesley application that you use. Once you log in with your Lesley Credentials on one application, that credential is used for other applications too.

Main Accounts

Lesley Email
Lesley email is automatically issued to all degree-seeking students.  You'll receive all communication from our departments via your Lesley email account. Be sure to check it frequently.

Contact your professors, browse student services, and access library databases, course information, assignments, and announcements via myLesley.

Register for courses and view your class schedules and grades via Self-Service.

Need computer assistance?
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