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Social Sciences

Mindfulness Studies

Graduate certificate, part-time, low-residency program

Apply mindfulness to your professional practice.

Join a community of professionals who are committed to integrating mindfulness into their current careers or new fields of endeavor.

Combining online coursework with a one-week January residency in Cambridge, Massachusetts, our Graduate Certificate in Mindfulness Studies will prepare you to share principles and practices of mindfulness with your students, colleagues, or clients. As part of the 15-credit curriculum, you'll take five mindfulness studies courses, including a seven-day silent retreat at a meditation retreat center.

Offering a high degree of flexibility, our part-time program is ideal for health and wellness professionals, counselors, educators, attorneys, and other leaders who are balancing a full work schedule and may already have a graduate degree. If you wish to transfer into our Mindfulness Studies master’s degree program, you’ll be welcome to apply after completing your first semester in the certificate program.

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Program Structure

Graduate certificate, part-time low-residency program

15 Credits

Q: Can I start the Mindfulness Studies graduate certificate program and later transition into the master's degree program in Mindfulness Studies?
A: Absolutely. The certificate program consists of 5 courses that are also part of the Mindfulness Studies master’s degree. So, it's easy to make that switch. You'd still apply for the master's program, but this is an expedited process for current students.
"Mindfulness practice has completely changed my life personally and professionally. It’s made me a better and more present friend, clinician, wife, and mother. It's helped me ride the wave of life with a little more peace of mind and body."
Sarah Lowell Harmon ’18, Psychotherapist, Yoga Instructor
Meghan Wasiak
Student & Alumni Stories
Meghan Wasiak ’17
Meghan believes that one of the biggest misconceptions about mindfulness is that it’s not for everyone. As a school counselor, she’s showing young people how accessible mindfulness practice can be. Meghan has been able to teach her high school students yoga, meditation, guided imagery, and relaxation techniques. After just one class, students are noticeably quieter, more still, and less anxious. “Mindfulness is all about coming back to the present moment and being aware of how you’re feeling in any situation,” says Meghan. “Every student can access it.”
Sarah Lowell Harmon
Student & Alumni Stories
Sarah Lowell Harmon ’18
Sarah had been incorporating mindfulness techniques into her work as a psychotherapist and yoga instructor for years before she decided to pursue her certificate in Mindfulness Studies at Lesley. Through her coursework and experiences, she’s building an even more solid foundation in mindfulness theory and practice while also gaining fresh perspectives to fuel and inform her work. But her studies haven’t just impacted her professionally. “The program has sparked a new dedication to my own personal practice, which in my mind is the most important piece for teaching and integrating mindfulness into my work,” says Sarah.
Mary Ann Erickson
Student & Alumni Stories
Mary Ann Erickson ’18
Dr. Mary Ann Erickson has a mission: To encourage students to take a deeper look at their fears about aging. As an associate professor of gerontology at Ithaca College, she’s working to help others to understand the kinds of thoughts and misconceptions that lead to ageism. Through Mary Ann’s teaching, students engage fears and transform them through contemplative practice. “Students think that mindfulness is about having nothing on your mind,” says Mary Ann. “I try to point out that it’s about being a good observer of your mind, examining your thoughts, and asking ‘why am I thinking that?’”
Jennifer Cassidy
Student & Alumni Stories
Jennifer Cassidy ’17
Jennifer is passionate about the connection between mindfulness and education. As a customer success manager at LinkedIn Learning, she helps others get the most out of their learning experiences every day. Working with university communities nationwide, she holds information sessions for users of LinkedIn’s online learning platform. At the end of each presentation, she incorporates a few minutes of reflection time. “Before my participants leave me and go off to the next thing, we take a moment of silence” says Jennifer. “It’s all about being present in the moment. That silence can create a huge sense of relief for people.”
Careers & Applications
Where Mindfulness Skills Are In Demand
From healthcare and education to business and first responders, a growing number of sectors are embracing mindfulness to alleviate stress and develop more productive learning and working environments.

Those who are trained in mindfulness will be in increasingly high demand in areas where their training can positively affect the wellbeing of others. Lesley’s programs emphasize the integration of mindfulness in a variety of professional practice settings, to provide you with a solid foundation in your chosen field.


Total approximate cost for this certificate program.
Mindfulness Studies
  • Tuition
    $1,050/credit x 15
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    Materials Fees
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Our Mindfulness Studies programs require students to attend a 5- to 8-day meditation retreat. The fee for this retreat varies, depending on the location and number of days, but is typically $750–$1,000. This fee would be in addition to the tuition and fees listed.

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Total approximate cost for this certificate program. Tuition and fees are for the 2021-2022 academic year.
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