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Ready to become a Lynx? We are still accepting applications, but housing and class registration are first-come, first-served.

Start earning your MBA as a Lesley undergraduate.

Learn how to develop and lead a successful organization. Build a foundation in the essential components of management, including finance and accounting, marketing, organizational behavior, managing resources, and ethics. Discover what outstanding companies do differently to achieve and sustain competitive advantage.

Our accelerated Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is open to all Lesley undergraduate students, whether you are working toward your Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Management or you are pursuing another major.

You'll get real-world experience through internships in a variety of organizational settings. Then, transition into our fully online MBA during your senior year, opening up a wider range of professional opportunities after graduation. The online MBA includes four, 1.5-credit virtual practicums where you'll work on a project with a local business or organization.

How It Works

The online MBA program is 39 credits. By completing some graduate credits as an undergraduate student, you'll save time and money.

  • Complete 9 graduate credits online (3 courses) during your senior year, included in your undergraduate tuition rate. This saves you about 1.5 semesters of time.
  • Finish the remaining 30 credits of the 39-credit MBA program after you complete your bachelor's degree, at the graduate tuition rate. You'll take 7.5 credits per 8-week online term, for a total of four terms.
  • You'll receive your bachelor's degree once you complete your undergraduate requirements, and you'll receive your MBA when you complete the requirements for the graduate program.
  • View the program of study and detailed eligibility requirements here.

How You Save on Tuition

By enrolling in this accelerated MBA program, you'd save up to 53% off of your graduate tuition.

Graduate Tuition Amount Credits Subtotal
Full tuition for the 39-credit MBA program $650/credit 39 $25,350
Tuition you save by taking 9 graduate credits as an undergraduate student $650/credit -9 -$5,850
Tuition you save with The Double Lynx Scholarship (12 free graduate credits) $650/credit -12 -$7,800
Total tuition you'd pay for your MBA in this accelerated program     $11,700

Rates are shown for the 2021-2022 academic year. Prices may change each year, effective June 1. In addition to tuition, you would pay a $30/course technology fee, a $20/term registration fee, a $15/course materials fee (estimate), and a one-time degree completion fee of $75.

Eligibility & Applying

You can apply for these accelerated master's degree programs in your junior or senior year. The eligibility requirements include a minimum GPA of 3.0 for current students and with no grades below a C.

New Students

If you're applying to Lesley University and you're interested in one of these programs, contact our undergraduate admissions office at admissions@lesley.edu or 617.349.8800.

Current Students

Questions about the 4+1 program? Please contact:

  1. Graduate Admissions at luadmissions@lesley.edu.
  2. Your Undergraduate Advisor