Lorraine Greenfield

Assistant Professor

Lorraine Greenfield

Lorraine brings over 25 years as a public school educator, middle school principal, and superintendent.

Students in Lesley's Curriculum and Instruction Master's program are usually in-service teachers interested in pursuing a high-level program, perhaps moving beyond their comfort level and challenging themselves to become problem solvers. "As a group, the students are really interested in leadership. They take what they've learned in the program and try to inform their colleagues to help schools raise the standard. My work is about helping the students understand how children learn and how they as teachers teach. Merging these two needs is the greatest challenge, but also the greatest reward." Dr. Greenfield has mentored women educators and developed a support organization for them. In 1990 there were four female superintendents in Massachusetts; now there are over 30. 

Lorraine also teaches pre-service students in the Middle/High School program.


BS, Boston University
M.Ed., Boston University
CAGS, Bridgewater State College
EdD, Boston University