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Kristina Lamour-Sansone brings to us an expertise in graphic design strategies to improve K-12 education and universal design for learning. Her focus on design processes have helped foster learning not based on talent, but on using the mind to think visually. She earned her MFA in Graphic Design from Yale University (1999) and her BFA in Graphic Design from the University of the Arts (1991). Additionally, she received a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Curriculum and Instruction from Lesley in 2007.


Using Strategies from Graphic Design to Improve Teaching and Learning
Chapter in Essentials of Using and Integrating Visual and Media Literacy: Visualizing Learning, edited by D. M. Baylen and Adriana Alba, Springer Publications,2015

Language of Design within Science and Engineering
Chapter co-authored with Nicole Weber for Building Bridges...Connecting Science and Engineering Practices in Meaningful Ways, edited by Dr. Leonard Annetta and Dr. James Minogue, Springer Publications, 2015

Co-led conceptualization, programming, curating, and exhibit design with Anne West, Sameer Farooq, and Gabe Melcher, Providence, 2014

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