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Julie Shoemaker

Associate Professor

Faculty Julie Shoemaker

A biogeochemist by training, Dr. Shoemaker’s work has involved studying Earth’s biological systems using geochemical approaches. Her research focuses on understanding and predicting methane emissions from wetlands and forests and their impact on global climate. Her areas of academic expertise include: earth science, climate change, and carbon and methane biogeochemistry. At Lesley she is dedicated to mentoring her students.  She holds a PhD in Biology from Harvard.


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  • Dec 2013: AGU Fall Mtg: “"Environmental Drivers of Whole-Ecosystem Methane Fluxes from a Lowland Evergreen Forest".
  • Oct 2013: BU Terrestrial Biogeochemistry seminar series: “Seasonal and inter-annual forest methane flux dynamics: A source-sink transition and the problem of predictability
  • June 2009: Goldschmidt Conference. “Does oxic metabolism control substrate availability for terrestrial methanogenesis?”
  • August 2008: Gordon Research Conference. “Does oxic metabolism control substrate availability for aceticlastic methanogenesis?”
  • May 2007: MIT E34 Seminar: “Peering through the peat: Calculating rates of methane production and oxidation from a terrestrial wetland… among other places.”


  • December 2011: AGU fall meeting. “Does Methanogenesis Require Oxygen?”
  • December 2006: AGU fall meeting. “Calculating in situ rates of methane production and oxidation from a New Hampshire Fen.”