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Gail Cahill

Associate Professor of SPED
Special Education

Gail Cahill

Gail Cahill teaches in the Special Education Department in the Graduate School of Education. She also serves as a senior advisor to PhD students in several programs. Gail joined the Lesley community after many years in the public education sector. She has taught at various grade levels as well as held several administrative positions, including special education administration and school-based administration. She has also worked at private facilities such as McLean Hospital and the Guild School.

Throughout her career, Gail has been an adjunct instructor in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. She has taught courses in special education, administration, reading, assessment, and curriculum. She has served on the International Council of Exceptional Children, CEC Elections Standing Committee. 

Education: BS, Fitchburg State University; M.Ed., University of Massachusetts, Boston; M.Ed., Boston University; EdD, University of Massachusetts, Lowell (Educational Leadership)

Selected Publications

  • Cahill, G. (2021). Four Daughters, One Mother: Stories of Revising Identities. Narratives on Becoming: Identity and Lifelong Learning, Information Age Publishing.
  • Cahill, G. & Govendo, B. (2020). Beyond reading the text: Teaching science students three strategies for mastering complex content, Journal of Education & Social Policy (JESP), 7 (4), doi:10.30845/jesp.v7n4p11.
  • Cahill, G. & Govendo, B. (2020). Five things to know about teaching children with dyslexia, Lesley University website. https://shar.es/ao7Kah
  • Cahill, G. (2019). Seven Steps to Highly Effective Teaching: TIP Your CAP. International Journal of Educational Research (IJO), 2 (7). 
  • Cahill, G. & Govendo, B. (2014).  A Good Reader Has a Plan:  Helping Students with Learning Disabilities. Learning Disabilities: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 20 (3), 158-163.

Selected Presentations

  • Collaborating For Success: What General Educators Want Special Educators to Know.  CEC 2017 Convention and Expo, Boston, MA.  Presentation Date: April 20, 2017.
  • Comprehension of Informational Text for Struggling Readers: Strategies and Technologies. CEC 2017 Convention and Expo, Boston, MA.  Presentation Date: April 19, 2017.
  • Cahill, G. & Govendo, B. (2017). Voices of Classroom Teachers: What Special Educators Need to Know, Conference Publication, LDA International Conference, Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Enhancing Comprehension of Expository Text: Strategies and Technology.  Presentation, 9th Annual Literacy Essentials Conference: Unlocking Every Student’s Potential Through Literacy.  Presentation Date: March 28, 2015.
  • Three Steps to Success:  Effective Teaching of Expository Text to ALL Learners, Presentation, International Association of Special Education, Conference Publication, Presentation Date: July 10, 2013, Vancouver, BC, Canada
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