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Barbara Govendo

Associate Professor

Barbara Govendo

Barbara is a faculty member in the Inclusive Special Education Programs in the Graduate School of Education at Lesley. She has had experience teaching, supervising, designing programs and teaching educators in both general and special education. She is interested in neuroscience research and the implications for education, effective learning strategies for students with disabilities, executive function, differentiated instruction practices, the development of inspiring mentoring skills, and the collaborative educational process.


B.Ed., State University of New York, Buffalo
M.Ed., Lesley College
PhD, Boston College

Selected Publications

Cahill, G., & Govendo, B. (2017).  Voices of classroom teachers: What special education teachers need to know. Conference Proceedings Publication. Learning Disabilities Association, February 15-19, 2017, Baltimore, Maryland.

Cahill, G., & Govendo, B. (2014). A good reader has a plan: Helping students with learning disabilities. Learning Disabilities: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 20(3), 158–162.

Cahill, G., & Govendo, B. (2013). Three Steps to Success: Effective Teaching of Expository Text to ALL Learners, Conference Proceedings Publication,International Association of Special Education, July 7-11, 2013, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Graduate Inclusive Special Education Programs

Selected Presentations

Preparing General Educators and Teacher Leaders to Work with Special Education Students:  What is the Impact, if any, of the Different Generations on Teaching Practices? Critical Questions in Education Conference, March 6, 2019, Savannah, GA.

Dyslexia in the Classroom: How Can Research Help Us Teach? Literacy Essentials Conference, April 7, 2018, Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT.

Collaborating for Success: What General Educators Want Special Educators to Know. Council for Exceptional Children Convention, April 20, 2017, Boston, MA.

Comprehension of Informational Text for Struggling Readers: Strategies and Technology. Council for Exceptional Children Convention, April 19, 2017, Boston, MA.

Voices of Classroom Teachers: What Special Education Teachers Need to Know. Learning Disabilities Association, February 17, 2017, Baltimore, Maryland.

Three Steps to Success: Effective Teaching of Expository Text to ALL Learners, International Association of Special Education, July 10, 2013, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Three Steps to Successful Use of Assistive Technology in Teaching Expository Text to ALL Learners, MACTE Presentation, April 26, 2013, Sturbridge, MA.