NewsSep 8, 2017

Move-in day for the Class of 2021

More than 300 new students settle into their dorms on Labor Day weekend

Family hugs on move-in day.


Staff and students lined the streets around Doble and Brattle campuses Sunday to welcome the Class of 2021.

The annual move-in day brought with it tons of boxes, more than a few batches of homemade cookies and some excitement and apprehension for the new students and their parents.

“I think it’s a combination of excitement, anticipation, logistics and emotions,” said Associate Dean for Career and Community Alice Diamond, who helped direct parking along Everett Street.

The rainy day wasn’t ideal for moving, but the Lynx Moves upperclassmen crew came to the rescue. These old hands used their experience and expertise in moving in and out of dorms to help families unload packed cars and tote boxes into rooms.

“I love meeting all the new freshmen,” said junior Emma Fredericks.

This year there are plenty to meet with more than 500 new freshmen and transfer students, many of whom will live on campus.

On Sunday, Fredericks and her roommate Nina Carmo were strategically stationed on Brattle Campus where their dorm is located. They remember upperclassmen helping them move in not so long ago and wanted to help cultivate community by making a connection early.

“It’s good to be a familiar face with all of them,” Carmo said.

Forming connections is something Community Advisor Matt Arsenault is helping freshmen in his dorm do. The sophomore introduced himself to new students as they arrived in their rooms, and planned a meet-and-greet later in the day so the freshmen could get to know each other.

“Today really is just to bring all the first-years together at once,” he said. Arsenault found that he thrived as a freshman when other first-year students were by his side. “It just makes the whole process easier.”