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NewsMay 3, 2022

Dr. Nafisa Tanjeem selected to join Global Young Academy

Assistant professor enters highly competitive 200-member international research organization

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This spring, Dr. Nafisa Tanjeem, assistant professor of Global Studies and Gender, Race and Sexuality Studies, was selected as a member of the Global Young Academy (GYA) from June 2022 until May 2027.

The GYA is a prestigious international academy of early and mid-career researchers that is capped at 200 members. Its current membership comes from 69 different countries and engages in research from the natural sciences to arts and humanities.

Tanjeem looks forward to the collaboration with other scholars and experts.

Faculty Nafisha Tanjeem smiling at camera, outside
Dr. Nafisa Tanjeem

“The GYA membership (will) immensely benefit my current research projects by putting me in conversation with interdisciplinary researchers from the arts, humanities, sciences and social sciences from around the world,” says Dr. Tanjeem, who joined our College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in 2017 and also serves as assistant director of the Honors Program.

At Lesley, Tanjeem has been a leader in updating the Gender, Race and Sexuality Studies curriculum, developing 21st century courses such as, “Transnational Digital Activism,” according to Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Steven Shapiro.

“The Global Young Academy has made a great decision in selecting Dr. Tanjeem as a member,” says Dr. Shapiro. “At Lesley, Dr. Tanjeem has brought great experience, ideas, energy, thoughtfulness and passion to her work with students, Lesley colleagues and with researchers from various parts of the globe.”

Adds Tanjeem, “The intellectual exchanges and collaboration will help me devise specific policy recommendations for making the most use of transnational virtual learning and organizing spaces in a world struck by Covid-19.”

As a member of the Global Young Academy, Tanjeem will advance her scholarship as well as her work as a mentor.

“(I’ll be involved) in long-term initiatives to support young scholars across the globe, introduce new ideas and working groups, and work towards creating an equitable and transformative knowledge society.”

As a professor, Tanjeem focuses on global research and also works closely with students and has organized symposia about global issues and prepared students for presentations at national conferences and competitions

“This opportunity aligns perfectly with her interests,” says Shapiro.

GYA applicants are typically three to 10 years post-PhD and younger than 40. Members are selected based on demonstrated excellence in the field of research and commitment to improving the state of science and its links to broader society.

“The GYA has an international profile as ‘giving a voice to young scientists,’” according to a statement from the academy announcing Tanjeem’s selection. “Involvement in our activities spans innovative interdisciplinary research through to influencing science policy and high-level science advice.”

With its worldwide network and highly-trained membership, the GYA has been called “the best bet on the global scientific leadership over the next 10 years.”

As a member of the GYA, Tanjeem will have the opportunity to engage in new research collaborations, further develop leadership and communication skills, learn about diverse cultures, and contribute to the work of the GYA. This may involve representing the GYA at international events and engaging, for example, with presidents of universities and science academies, government ministers as well as with funding bodies and foundations.