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A still from alumna Hanah Cincotta's film "O'o: The Last Voice of Kaua'I O'o"
Dec 20, 2022
Alumna Hanah Cincotta '22 wins accolades for her animated film on a vanished Hawaiian bird
Jason Reynolds, Credit Shawn Miller/Library of Congress
Dec 16, 2022
Event in Washington D.C. honors ‘rock star’ of children’s literature
Three headshots - two women and one man
Dec 15, 2022
Lesley welcomes experts on dance and expressive arts, treating trauma through mindfulness and the front lines of global conflict
Photo of Schwartz Hall
Dec 7, 2022
34 counseling students receive certificate through Riverside partnership
Riverside ribbon cutting
Dec 5, 2022
New facility on Lesley campus welcomes students, community
Musical instruments in a pile, including a xylophone, tamborine and maracas
Nov 30, 2022
Assistant Professor Geoff Barnes ’11 shares two years of experiences in the classroom
portrait of Leland Cheuk
Sep 6, 2019The Brooklyn Rail
“No Good Very Bad Asian" by Leland Cheuk ’11 achieves "a true synthesis of heart and humor highlighted by the fluidity of his first-person voice and a steady diet of sharp turns of prose.”
Headshot of Jasmine Warga
Sep 3, 2019Tricity News
A "must read," Jasmine Warga's latest novel, "Other Words for Home," focuses on a young Syrian refugee who loves pop music and Reese Witherspoon.
Woman in green coat carrying a plastic bag of liquid.
Aug 26, 2019
Middle school teacher and alumna Deb Berlin ’16 recently traveled to the Arctic Circle to study climate change with Earthwatch, an international environmental nonprofit. Image: The Rashi School.
David Hilliard Rock Bottom 2008
Aug 26, 2019WBUR
In his exhibit "Our Parents, Ourselves," College of Art and Design adjunct faculty David Hilliard points a lens at his aging father and their relationship.
Overhead view of a person's arm and someone taking their blood pressure.
Aug 25, 2019Authority Magazine
From the frontlines of healthcare to his service as CEO of Tampa General Hospital, John Couris ’95 has a rich career connecting people with the healing care they need.
Kelvin Ramirez
Aug 20, 2019Audubon
Expressive Therapies Assistant Professor Kelvin Ramirez says artwork by detained children may be indicators of their emotional and mental health.