Hallway in VFX studio
Nov 21, 2018
New facility, fueled by $7M anonymous gift and championed by students, makes Lesley the only New England art and design school to offer a visual effects program
Student Lesly Precil in a pink shirt hugs professor Jan Wall in a mustard sweater.
Nov 15, 2018
Lesley’s groundbreaking initiative helps educators and families develop resilience and manage trauma
An overhead shot of Brattle campus and the City of Cambridge with buildings and fall foliage.
Nov 15, 2018
A trio of Lesley leaders look at the past and the future of early childhood education
Wally the Green Monster mascot on the red carpet with an audience and photographers cheering for him.
Nov 15, 2018
A weekly roundup of weekend events on campus and around town.
Rev. Gloria White-Hammond speaks. holding her left hand up.
Nov 15, 2018
Claire Renzetti and Gloria White-Hammond, the keynote speakers at Lesley’s inaugural Violence Against Women conference, address the continuing need for activism
Lisa Genova speaks with Jared Bowen
Nov 8, 2018
Novelist and neuroscientist Lisa Genova uses storytelling to elicit concern and action on behalf of the afflicted
Album cover of Puppy Problems
Nov 26, 2018Dig Boston
Art and Design alum Sami Martasian, who plays music under the moniker Puppy Problems, talks about the journey to their debut album.
LGBT youth homelessness poster, illustrated by skyline of rainbow buildings
Nov 25, 2018Green Comma
Doctoral candidate Michele Dow outlines the legal rights of transgender youth and encourages educators to support their students.
Richard Biehl mindfulness alum
Nov 25, 2018New York Times
Armed with naloxone, Dayton, Ohio's police have seen deaths fall in their city. "We really jumped on it because we saw it as absolutely consistent with our public mission to save lives,” Police Chief Richard Biehl ’18.
An airplane in the sky, clouds behind it.
Nov 23, 2018The Daily Beast
Travel writer and creative writing faculty member Thomas Swick returns to Lisbon to find that it's no longer a secret spot.
Nov 20, 2018Nowhere Magazine
Patricia Striar Rohner ’18 is the winner of Nowhere Magazine's Spring 2018 Travel Writing Contest. Click the link to read the award-winning essay.
Photos of Hilary Kreisberg standing on Mellen Walk on Doble Campus
Nov 20, 2018Cambridge Chronicle
Hilary Kreisberg, director of our Center for Mathematics Achievement, is the regional director to the Eastern 1 region of the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics.