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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Honors Program

Apply to the program:

  1. Apply by writing a 250 – 350 word written response to the following question and upload via our online form

Lesley is committed in its mission to work on issues of social justice. The CLAS Honors Program puts a focus on critical community engagement. We believe that learning to ethically and responsibly work WITH communities (rather than FOR communities) is one of the primary ways a new generation can have a positive impact on working against interlocking systems of oppression that cause pain and harm and manifest themselves in contemporary local and global crises, such as climate destruction, police brutality, racial discrimination, growing economic inequality, patriarchy, and violence against queer communities (among many other issues).

Given the unique focus of the CLAS Honors program, why do you want to join the CLAS Honors Program and what experiences from your life thus far have contributed to this desire to join the program with a strong focus on critical community engagement? What do you hope to contribute to the community?  (Response may be 250-350 words)


College of Art and Design Honors Program

Apply to the program:

  1. Sign-up for a 15-minute Honors Program one-on-one faculty conversation by scheduling a time with Leah Craig.


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