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Tuition Discounts

Tuition Discounts

You may be eligible for a few types of graduate tuition discounts.

If you graduated from a Lesley bachelor's degree program, you're eligible for our biggest discount—The Lesley Dividend—where you get 12 free credits toward your Lesley master's degree.

If you receive a merit scholarship award and are eligible for a tuition discount, we can offer you only the larger award.

Discounts do not apply to credit rates that have been reduced in response to COVID-19.

  • Lesley Dividend for Graduate School

    If you earned your bachelor’s degree at Lesley, you’re eligible to get 12 free credits toward your Lesley master’s degree.

    And at $650 to $1,130 credit, that’s a huge tuition savings of $7,800–$13,560.

    The award is applied to your tuition over 2 semesters. You’ll get 6 credits of free tuition in your first semester, and 6 free credits in your last semester of graduate study.

    You can even use the Dividend toward an already-discounted dual bachelor’s and master’s degree program, for an even bigger bargain.

    A student cannot use the Dividend in the following instances:

    • For a certificate or non-degree program
    • When advancing from one Master’s program to a second Master’s program
    • When advancing from one Master’s program to a PhD program
    • In conjunction with another discount or institutional scholarship


    The Dividend for your first 6 credits of study will be applied to your account automatically. To apply the Dividend for your last 6 credits of study, you'll need to submit a ticket on the Support Hub.


  • City Year Partnership Discount

    We offer City Year’s corps members, alumni, and staff a 25 percent tuition discount on several of our graduate programs.

    This tuition discount applies only to total tuition costs that have not already been discounted by other Lesley partners.  Please check with the Graduate Admissions Office to confirm the tuition structure for your program.

    This tuition discount scholarship is open to City Year applicants who have been accepted into one of Lesley’s on-campus or low-residency graduate programs.


    To qualify, City Year corps members and alumni must complete at least 1 year of service and City Year staff members must be employed for at least 2 years.


    • 25 percent off graduate tuition.
    • Scholarship can be renewed each semester for the entire program, so long as you are in good academic standing.
    • One-year enrollment deferral: Once accepted, you may defer enrollment for up to a year if you serve more time with City Year.
    • Discount is for tuition only, not for fees or books.
    • If you are awarded a Lesley merit scholarship, you will be eligible to receive either the City Year discount or the merit scholarship, but not both.

    Apply for the City Year Scholarship

    1. Apply for a Lesley graduate program.

      Lesley’s Graduate Admissions Office makes all admissions and scholarship decisions, not City Year. Be sure to meet all application requirements and deadlines.
    2. Identify your City Year affiliation.

      Tell our Graduate Admissions Office that you served with City Year (luadmissions@lesley.edu or 617.349.8300). Reference the "tuition discount partnership scholarship."
    3. Request a City Year service verification letter.

      Email alumni@cityyear.org with "Lesley University Graduate Programs" in the subject line. Include the site where you served and your corps graduation month and year. The City Year Alumni Department will send your service verification letter to the Lesley Graduate Admissions Office and add it to your applicant file.
  • Other Lesley Graduate Tuition Discounts

    We offer 4 other types of tuition discounts that can be used toward several of our campus-based graduate programs.

    Some restrictions may apply.

    Lesley Alumni Discount 

    • 10 percent reduction for most campus-based courses, at the on-campus rate.
    • Receive this discount for eligible courses starting after your Lesley graduation.
    • Does not apply to dual-degree programs that combine a bachelor's and master's degree.
    • Does not apply to Lesley Dividend recipients.
    • If you graduated before 1989: Submit an Alumni Discount Form (PDF) to our Registrar's Office to begin receiving this discount.

    Senior Citizen Discount

    • 10 percent reduction for most campus-based courses, at the on-campus rate.
    • You must be at least 55 years of age by the start of class to receive the discount for that course.

    City of Cambridge Employee Discount

    • 10 percent tuition reduction for most campus-based graduate courses, at the on-campus rate.
    • For City of Cambridge, Massachusetts employees. Includes public school teachers and government employees.
    • Attach proof of your current City of Cambridge employment to your course registration form.
    • Submit your documentation to our Student Accounts office before the last day of Add/Drop for the semester, and for each registration period.
    • We'll credit the discount after the Add/Drop period.

    Cambridge Resident Discount

    • 10 percent tuition reduction for most campus-based graduate courses, at the on-campus rate.
    • Submit proof that you live in Cambridge, Massachusetts, such as a lease with your address.
    • The discount is good for entire the lease. You won't have to submit additional documentation for this time period.
    • Other acceptable documents include any 2 of the following: Utility bills, cell phone bill, credit card bill, or bank statement.
    • Each document needs to show a Cambridge, Mass. address, and be dated within 30 days of when you turn it in.
    • Submit these documents to the Student Accounts Office prior to the last day of Add/Drop each semester.

    Discount Policies

    • The above discounts are not offered for undergraduate programs, Threshold, off-campus programs, Creative Writing MFA, Visual Arts MFA, Photography MFA, low-residency programs, or online courses.
    • Discounts will not apply if other promotional rates or reductions are applied to the tuition charge (vouchers, employee discounts, institutional scholarships, or special offering rates).
    • Discounts will not apply to deferred tuition payments or special payment arrangements.
    • Discounts may not be combined.
    • Discounts will not be applied retroactively.
    • Other restrictions may apply. Policies are subject to change.